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Accommodating religion in the workplace

The union grieved the discipline, stating that the employer had directly discriminated against Ms.Barillari by denying her the right to hand out Christmas gifts at work. Barillari for preaching contrary to a policy of neutrality jointly endorsed by the union and the employer.When he refused to do so based on the fact that it was contrary to his religion, the supervisor complained to the store’s owner, and he was subsequently terminated. Jones had made out a prima facie case of discrimination on the ground of religion, and held that the employer could have accommodated Mr.

An example of this is a co-worker using racial slurs or unfavourable remarks towards an individual....The arbitrator agreed with the employer, finding that the prohibition against handing out gifts of a religious nature did not constitute discrimination on the basis of religion or creed.While the opportunity to hand out religious gifts was important to Ms.Is it acceptable to have a Christmas tree in the office? The reality is that not everyone celebrates Christmas.In fact, in places like Toronto, there are many workplaces in which the majority of employees do not celebrate Christmas. Eisler (2001) BCHRT, involved a merchandiser who was employed by Shoppers’ Drug Mart in Victoria, British Columbia.- As a business consultant I have been asked to suggest different methods that can possibly reduce discrimination and prejudice in the workplace.Is it possible however to make everyone get along and ignore their differences.If an objection to a Christmas or holiday-related activity is made, employers should consider accommodating the employee.*Photo of RT’s Christeena Murphy celebrating the holidays.To do so, our advice is to use more generic holiday and seasonal symbols and themes.It is important to remember that overtly religious Christmas festivities may contravene the equality rights of members of other faiths and people who do not ascribe to a particular faith.


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  2. A framework for accommodating religion and spirituality in the. to understand and effectively deal with the challenges of employee rights and needs in the workplace.

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