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Tumors of the gut are rare but usually malignant and generally well advanced by the time they are noticed.

Spleen tumors are usually malignant with early secondaries.

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To be sure about any single recommended vitamin, mineral, herb or other supplement it is suggested strongly that you do a search such as Google for the item and the type of animal, such as selenium and cats.)(The Best Years in Life) "Cancer" is probably the word we most dread to hear, yet one that all of us who have dogs, cats or other pets and animals are likely to hear at some time.Signs are enlargement of glands, depression, anorexia, and weight loss. There are two types of canine lymphoma: the multicentric which affects the whole body, and one which develops only in the alimentary, cutaneous, and thymic glands.Skin tumors can vary from granuloma, which are pea-sized, to vast lumps. Sebaceous cysts are very common, particularly in the elderly dog, but are only blocked sebaceous glands and quite harmless, although they do sometimes burst.If you are looking for a better quality of life rather than just adding to the number of years, you should look towards a holistic treatment for cancer.A natural approach is devoid of toxicity, has no side effects and attempts to fight cancer cells in a natural way.You may have a good chance of success, but even if not you can provide a comfortable life to an already ailing animal.The first step should be to clear the pets environment of all potentially carcinogenic materials and chemicals.The only way to tell the difference between a benign and malignant tumor is to examine a sample under a microscope. In dogs generally 50 per cent of all tumors are of the skin (of which about 40 per cent are malignant and 60 per cent benign), 20 per cent are of the mammary glands (which account for 58 per cent of tumors in bitches, of which about 50 per cent are benign), only 10 per cent are of the alimentary system (which is one of the prime sites in Man), 10 per cent of the lymphatic system, 5 per cent of the reproductive system, and 5 per cent others.However, bone tumors are much more common in the large and giant breeds.Throw out the plastic feeding bowl and use ceramic or metal. When a dog is fighting cancer, the first concern is to get the immune function back to normal. A dog with cancer is building a lot of new tissue, and adequate proteins and cell membrane compounds (omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids) are required to do this.When the adequate amounts of the correct proteins and fats are not present in the diet, the body will rob it from other places, leading at best to muscle wasting, but more likely complications with the functions of the kidneys and liver.


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