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"I don't know if I'll continue," she eventually said. "Mom, whenever you give that expression, and you're undecided, it means you're still going to do it. But you won't stop." "I'm almost afraid you're right." *** Maureen spent the next day in the office, speaking with clients on the phone, working on memos, and researching cases.

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As the tips piled up, it was time to get more risque. He just didn't want to sit there having an agonizing talk over what he had witnessed earlier.

As she sat there in her office looking at her profile page, the answer was clear.

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Basically the cam models would pretend they're family members; like mother/son if there's an age gap, or brother/sister if they're both young adults, or..." "Mom, I get the idea," he said awkwardly. Those sorts of stories are quite popular on erotica sites such as Literotica. "The point I'm making is that couples who do incest roleplay gets tons of viewers on their page. More views, more attention, more tips, more everything." "I still don't get why you're telling me this." Maureen took a deep breath. Be honest, have you ever fantasized about me before? And in my chatroom, people ask me all the time if I have a son. It's only a matter of time before you accidentally stumble across my room and see me perform. It gives me a thrill that I can't get anywhere else. As crazy as this sounds, doing this with you would bring back so many warm, loving memories of doing this with your father. Maureen perfectly stated all the points she had thought up in her office earlier, and verbatim too. Jack paused for a few seconds, but like the old cliche goes, it felt like an eternity, until he finally spoke. People wanted to know if she was going to roleplay with that young stud sitting on the bed (with his face out of the screen.) She was pleased to announce that this was the real thing. These moves came from a long learning experience and gradually allowing her inhibitions to slip away throughout her time as a cam model.

God, I could have visited that site, whichever it was." "I know. But I won't apologize for what I do." "Do you need the money or something? "I could get a part time job if you want me to." "This has nothing to do with money," she insisted. "Oh, so it's just...that's your thing..." "Something like that," she sighed. That's when couples would roleplay on cam for users to see. Whatever people like." She smiled at her son's slip up. "There are tons of stories written by young men about it. "This is horrible." "There are three reasons why I want you to join me," she said firmly. "Young men like yourself visit a variety of different porn sites these days. You have all his best qualities, without any of his negatives. The enthusiasm in the room grew when users pointed out that she was listed under the incest theme as well. None of these moves came natural to her, as she wasn't much of a dancer, or a show person.


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