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Cankiz however, is attracted to the Black Prince of the evil neighboring Kingdom of the Vandams.

The Sultan of the Kingdom of the Good and his wife (Aysen Gruda) want their one and only daughter Cankiz to marry Keloglan, but they don't want to upset Cankiz, who doesn't want this marriage.

In the last year the Sultan set a number of tasks for Keloglan and his best friend Cankusoglan including catching and skinning the giant water snake and cutting off the claws of ten tigers in the forest.

For the love of Cankiz, Keloglan has achieved all these tasks.

Beren Saat (born February 26, 1984, Ankara, Turkey) - actress.

Victory in one of the actor's competition, in which she often participated, brought her debut role in the series.

Keloglan, Cankusoglan and Balkiz journey from adventure to adventure, meeting on the way many fairy-tale heroes.

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At 21, won the national contest "Best Model of Turkey - 2011." Took second place in the competition "Best Model of the World".Her movies: "The Pain of Autumn", "Wings in the Night", "Rhinos Season" series: "Love and Hate", "The Edge of Love," "What is the fault Famagyul."20.Pelin Batu (born December 27, 1978, Ankara, Turkey) - Turkish actress, her father - a Turk, and her mother - Albanian.Keloglan throws himself into a new adventure for the sake of love and sets off with Cankusoglan and his donkey.The neighbor's daughter Balkiz who is madly but vainly in love with Keloglan follows them.Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM.Vote up content that is on-topic, within the rules/guidelines, and will likely stay relevant long-term. Turkish TV series "The Magnificent Century" brought her fame in the world.Other movies with her participation: "Eggs", "Beautiful Life", "Milk", "Eastern Plays", "Love in other languages."36.Her other films: "Now he's a soldier," "Leopards: Operation Cherry".19.Nehir Erdogan (born June 16, 1980, Izmir, Turkey) - Turkish actress.


  1. Jun 29, 2013. Join Date May 2013; Last Online @ PM; Location Buenos Aires; Ethnicity Argentinian; Country Argentina; Y-DNA r1b; Hero Mario Kempes; Gender Posts 2,569. Default. She's actress, her name is Ahu Türkpençe.

  2. Ablası Ahu Türkpençe'nin izinden gidip oyunculuk yapmaya başlayan Gözde Türkpençe'nin yıldızı bu rolle bir anda parladı. Her bölümü izlenme rekoru kıran “Ulan İstanbul”da rol aldığı için çok mutlu olduğunu söyleyen genç oyuncu, “Çok başarılı bir iş yapıyoruz. Bu dizi, daha geniş kitlelere ulaşmamı.

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