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Lastly, you will let users delete an album and also you will prevent them from entering wrong data by validating their input. The project specific to this lab is available at ASP. Installing Code Snippets For convenience, much of the code you will be managing along this lab is available as Visual Studio code snippets.

This Hands-on Lab assumes you have basic knowledge of ASP. To install the code snippets run .\Source\Setup\Code file.

So I have a page that have a few forms on it and one of those forms is a one for addresses which has three functions. I want to use form.submit() to fire the MVC validation on the client and server side but I dont want the entire page refresh.

So this is what I want to use the simple form.submit() to gather the elements and send it to the MVC controller as a model and handle the validation based on the attributes I have on the model and use a callback to handle a JSON response to update only the affected area.

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By Web Camps Team Download Web Camps Training Kit In ASP.

Asynchronous Java Script and XML (Ajax) is a Web development technique that combines Java Script, Document Object Model (DOM), and XMLHttp Request technologies to provide dynamic interaction between a client and server.In this Hands-on Lab, you will add to the Music Store application the ability to edit that data.With that goal in mind, you will first create the controller that will support the Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) actions of albums.In the following figure, you can see how the format is modified because of the length of the text when you use a small browser size. The Controller Edit action method will retrieve the appropriate Album from the database, create a Store Manager View Model object to encapsulate it (along with a list of Artists and Genres), and then pass it off to a View template to render the HTML page back to the user. In this task, you will enable j Query unobtrusive client validation from Web.config file, which is by default set to false in all new ASP. Additionally, you will add the necessary scripts references to make j Query Unobtrusive Client Validation work.In this task, you will add a new method Truncate to the HTML object exposed within ASP. To do this, you will implement an extension method to the built-in System. All the data values are filled with model Data Annotation.To enhance that view, you will add a custom HTML helper that will truncate long descriptions. This lab walks you through the enhancements and new features previously described by applying minor changes to a sample Web application provided in the Source folder.Afterwards, you will add the Edit and Create Views that will let you alter the albums in the database, with the help of form elements like dropdowns. Note All sample code and snippets are included in the Web Camps Training Kit, available at Microsoft-Web/Web Camp Training Kit Releases.Then, all the logic that works at server side can be run at client side.For example, Price attribute has the following data annotation in the model: You can install Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web or another "Express" version using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.In this task, you will create a new controller called Store Manager Controller to support CRUD operations. NET MVC generates a simple View template which lists all fields in the Album model.Scaffolding provides a quick way to get started on a strongly typed view: rather than having to write the View template manually, scaffolding quickly generates a default template and then you can modify the generated code.


  1. Validating Forms with Ajax by Deepak Vohra. Without Ajax, the validity of data in the form is not checked until the form is submitted. With Ajax.

  2. So I have a page that have a few forms on it and one of those forms is a one for addresses which has three functions. Save as new, Update and Delete. I want to use form.submit to fire the MVC

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