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Akatsuki dating game deviantart

Though not terribly mainstream, Gaa Saku is still fairly popular.

It's the most popular hetero Gaara couple in the fandom rivaling Gaa Matsu, and is surpassed in popularity only by the shounen-ai couples Gaa Lee and Gaa Naru.

about a marvelous story called 'Itachi's First Day' (go read it), and, being a little hard of hearing, she heard 'Itachi's First Date'.

He wished that, for once, he could do something for himself. Then maybe he would become something more than this numb per Notice Me: Chapter Seven Chapter Seven -- A Chocolaty Kiss Itachi and Sakura had walked around the whole park, at least three times, talking about random things. But we also have other flavors, like green mint, orange sherbet, and blueberry. “ Um, I guess I’ll try the cheese cake ice cream. ” The middle-aged woman laughed as well, nodding. ” Itachi called out, after stepping inside his manor.

However, Chiyo resurrects Gaara with the help of Naruto's chakra, using her life-restoring technique at the cost of her own life.

After Kurama was extracted from Naruto, Gaara carried him on his sand to Tsunade and asked for her assisstance in healing him.

As Gaara attempts to finish off Sasuke, Sakura jumps to his aid.

Sakura's sudden act causes Gaara to remember his betrayed childhood before he pins her to a tree with his sand, later being saved by Naruto and Sasuke.


  1. Akatsuki Dating Demo by brooksrainne on DeviantArt. Akatsuki Pocky Game which I need more of. Brotp by Jabberwockyface on DeviantArt - Naruto.

  2. Oh and Deidara is dating me. Free game with the rest though. Who's your Akatsuki boyfriend? by Fleetingartist. 2,385 Responses. 2.3/5.0 8 votes

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  4. I'm making dating sim quizzes for Naruto characters D The original dating sim~~!

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