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Alliant dating service

A typical day at work includes wearing many hats, switching from one thing to another at the drop of a hat.The most enjoyable part of the job is the summer events that the company provides the employees.Ileft early that Friday due to being sick and they saw me didn’t even tell me to my face not to come back.5 minutes later the call from the agency comes that I’m let go and due to my attendance which was so far from the truth.

California based company with a lot of great people.

Lay-offs are inevitable and unforeseen as payroll is the companies biggest expense.

Down-sizing on staff is the first option and throwing the undone tasks on the remaining staff becomes normal practice.

Instead they ride on the backs of a few who do the majority of the work, while others take advantage of a very lax culture that does not hold anyone accountable.

Typical day, we would get our coffee and get straight to work but we all had a fun. Manager was great, she treated everyone as if they were family.


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