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Application for dating my best friend radiocarbon dating christian perspective

:) (name withheld until i get an okay from her) PART 1: PERSONAL PROFILE - How many sexual partners have you had, and do any of them have STDs?

- Do you write in all caps, lower case, or a combination of the two? PART 2: TERMS, CONDITIONS, EXPECTATIONS & REQUIREMENTS - You must respect me at all times.

- Be willing to purchase tampons, if in an emergency situation.

- Like the idea of riding on the back of my motorcycle. - Understand that the volume on all stereos must only be set on an even number, or a number divisible by 5.

So while the position may already be filled, I loved the application so much that I just had to post it here for everyone to enjoy.

I'm not sure, but she may seem to be a little high-maintenance, don't you think?

- Think I am still cool, even when I'm not being cool.

- Must be able to accept that I am a bed & cover hog. - Carry my lipstick, ID & money when we go out so I don't have to carry a purse.

- Meet the approval of my best friend prior to first date (an interview with her may be necessary - this is a rigorous test).

- Be able to explain hockey, baseball and football rules to me.

- Have good communication skills, and enjoy talking about nonsense.


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