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Application for dating my best friend

- Share electric razor with me and be my personal "manicurist".

- Think I am still cool, even when I'm not being cool.

Jake (name changed to protect the heartbroken) was one of my first friends in college—a tall, charming boy-down-the-hall, with a floppy haircut and a definite eye-twinkle. You know each other better than anyone—this includes the good your partner. Jake, the person I would normally discuss this confusing situation with, was now invested in situation.

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- Meet the approval of my best friend prior to first date (an interview with her may be necessary - this is a rigorous test).

We graduated, moved away to different cities, and desperately tried to keep our friendship afloat.

I called him when I got my job; I called him when my boyfriend broke up with me and moved out of town; I called him when I hated my job.

Anyway, below is the actual email, with her name removed for privacy.

If you sent me this (and you know who you are, let me know if you want me to remove it. - What is the most interesting place you have ever had sex?


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