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It’s reported that free announcer Itou Ayako(35) has been frequenting Nino’s house.Itou Ayako reports for “news every.” (Nihon TV) and is in charge of the “Culture & Sports” corner.

Netizens have discovered multiple hints of her relationship with Nino from her blog (actually excessive amount). Those who were approved in the past were Sasaki Nozomi and Inoue Mao.

One weekend in June, Ninomiya(32) was seen leaving his house early in the morning for Arashi’s “Waku Waku Gakou” at Tokyo Dome.

That evening, a woman in T-shirt, jeans and white sneakers appeared at the exit of his house and headed for a high class supermarket in the neighbourhood.

I’m hoping for another season or a movie and/or a new, more serious dorama for Jun.

Hey guys, if you haven’t heard there’s a discord server for Arashi fans!


  1. The news of Arashi's Ohno Satoshi being in a live-in relationship with a former actress 10 years his junior brought a shock to the Japanese entertainment world. Many fans were. Ikuta Toma, who is enjoying a successful acting career, is rumored to be dating his co-star from the drama Ouroboros, Seino Nana. The two are.

  2. This rumors are also translations and not something that the author made-up. Last year, a tell-all book was released by a former staff for Arashi, a second installment “Arashi, Break Zenya” was released. Other than that, another ikemen joins them in this rumor digest who is known to be dating an actress for 8 years.

  3. Spreading gossip and rumors of Arashi members. JE trash. Johnnys biased. RANDOM TRANSLATIONS OF JAPANESE MEDIA.

  4. Mar 2, 2017. Before it Nino was also reported to be dating with Itou Ayako, Leader with former actress, and Matsujun with AV actress. But the mass media didn't dig it too much like they did to Sho poor Sho. When the rumor about Nino comes out, there are several people who shouted "Ayako" at Arashi's concert.

  5. Jul 7, 2016. It's reported that free announcer Itou Ayako35 has been frequenting Nino's house. Itou Ayako reports for "news every." Nihon TV and is in charge of the "Culture & Sports" corner. One weekend in June, Ninomiya32 was seen leaving his house early in the morning for Arashi's "Waku Waku Gakou" at.

  6. Dec 19, 2014. They might gonna be dating for real!" but then I immediately brushed off the thought away, "Nah. no way. she's too young for him, maybe after all Jun was rumored dating Nakama Yukie, guess he likes older ladies," But then from all the Hanadan promos, their offscreen chemistry escalated more and more.

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