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Are beth holloway and john ramsey dating

Beth Holloway's daughter Natalee is the Alabama teen who disappeared five years ago in Aruba.(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)Before meeting and marrying Rousseaux, John Ramsey was gained some public attention once again."Beth was behind me in terms of the grief cycle," he said, though their split was apparently amicable; he has spoken of his respect and admiration for her as a person.It looks like John Ramsey has been living a relatively quiet life after marrying Rousseaux, though all of the new attention being brought to Jon Benét's case may change that.However during his time in prison, he managed to father a child with Peruvian Leidy Figueroa and Dave Holloway believes he will use that to try to fight extradition.Holloway, who has two daughters with his second wife, Robin, hopes de Jong's new claims could lead to the discovery of Natalee's body, which in turn could provide new evidence to charge van der Sloot with murder in Aruba.

On his release - scheduled for 2040 - van der Sloot is due to be extradited to Alabama to face trial for extorting Beth Holloway and wire fraud.

He said the body was buried under a house, but that story was discredited when it was pointed out that the house was not built at the time In 2010 van der Sloot tried to extort 0,000 from Beth Holloway in return for telling her where her daughter's body was buried.

He got ,000 and ran off to South America before the FBI could arrest him.

He says he did not come forward at the time of Natalee's disappearance because he was involved in Aruba's drug trade and was on the island illegally.

But Natalee's father, insurance agent Dave Holloway — who was divorced from Beth years before their daughter went missing — tells Daily Mail Online that he believes de Jong could hold the key to finding his daughter's body a full decade after she disappeared.'I didn't want to believe him because it overturns all my previous theories,' said Holloway, sitting in his office in Meridian, Mississippi.


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