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Are zac efron and vanessa still dating 2016

The two heartthrobs, now in their late 20s, broke up in 2010, and by all accounts it wasn't pretty. is actually a thing now, but will the two come together or at least hangout for the premiere? In fact, Hollywood Life reported that Hudgens wasn't going to attend the 10th anniversary celebration of if Efron was going to be there.Luckily for Hudgens, but sad for every Troy Bolton fan, Efron wasn't able to make it to the reunion anyway.As well the current girlfriend he is dating now at the moment in 2015!But before going in detail one never forgets his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens: It was actually reported by a magazine that they just began dating in year 2005 and it was time when they were filming a Musical program.Right now any official statement is not come that confirm this rumor. couple of our dreams, but that was a long time ago.

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Now you know who is Zac Efron married to in upcoming year 2016!

"Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares.

Then I realized that's not what that's about." And teen girls with a major crush can get a little unhinged.

She is old-school and doesn't approve of Vanessa living with Zac without some type of wedding promise." Zac, 21, is believed to have asked 20-year-old Vanessa to marry him while they holidayed in Japan in January.

The couple spend most of their time living in Vanessa's six-bedroom Tuscan style mansion in Studio City, California - despite Zac spending .3 million on his own modern, two-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills last December.


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