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Math Jax provides a powerful set of accessibility extensions that provide navigation, exploration, and voicing on the client.

You can find more information in our introductory video on You Tube. Using the Math Jax context menu, you can access the source of any mathematical expression either in Math ML format, or in Te X if its source format was Te X.

Summary of Benefits: Annual contribution: 0 Math Jax Supporters make an important contribution to the project and demonstrate their commitment to a durable math display solution for the web.

If you are using specialized authoring tools they might integrate Math Jax out of the box or have plugins, e.g., for La Te X, Markdown, or even epub.

Our users need Math Jax to be reliable and easy to use, now and in the future.

This requires a continuous and coordinated rapid response to browser updates and bugs, keeping up with the proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and ebook readers, and a consistent approach towards new functionality and performance improvements.

But Math Jax can also be configured to use HTML-CSS (for legacy browsers), SVG, and native Math ML rendering when available in a browser.

You can try the various output modes using the Math Jax context Menu (which you access by ctrl clicking / alt-clicking an equation) or the button below.


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  4. Omar Al-Ithawi, Edraak; David Carlisle, NAG Ltd; Paul Dlug, APS; Jason Grout, Bloomberg; Jean Kaplansky, McGraw Hill Higher Education; Martin Lessmeister,; Christopher Maloney, NIH; Marko Obrovac, Wikimedia Foundation; Matias Piipari, ManuscriptApp; Phil Schatz, OpenStax CNX; Neil Soiffer, Independent.

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