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Attraction dating women

He taught that women were attracted to men with resources (so that they could protect them and their offspring) and that men were attracted to women with the characteristics of fertility (who would be more likely to bear multiple children.) While this theory seems to have worked well in our society, it certainly isn’t the only factor affecting attractiveness.There are plenty of physically attractive, rich men who don’t have any luck with women, and plenty of men without money (or looks) who do just fine.Maybe they can help us figure out how spiritual attraction works.

It can be so counterintuitive that sometimes success seems out of our control and so illogical that some people just give up.This is because I believe that a person has the ability to figure out where he went wrong and increase his spiritual attractiveness.This is probably the most frustrating aspect of dating.While physical and biological attractiveness are hard to change, you can actually do something about spiritual attractiveness.Over years of observing the opposite sex, I’ve picked up on a few interesting tendencies in dating that hold true on average.When I first started trying to meet girls, it seemed like I could never win the heart of the one I went after.There was a direct correlation between how hard I tried and how miserably I failed.It seems as if intelligence can have an adverse affect on spiritual attractiveness.This is how I imagine the spiritual attractiveness curve would look like if someone was able to plot it against intelligence on a graph.No matter how good-looking or biologically attractive you are, there must be some sort of chemistry between you and someone else before there is attraction.Every one knows what it is, but chemistry is a very difficult thing to quantify.


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