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Blogs about online dating and distance How we do video chat with sexy girls

Others offer to open an admin panel at several PPL dating sites, which would allow the client to create his or her own “marriage agency” with personnel consisting of girls-models and translators.

There is also an ad from an online entrepreneur wishing to buy dating profiles for 1,000 hryvnia (about ) each but only of “really beautiful girls”.

But wait, there is more: you can also send gifts and flowers, and the agency will help you organize your visit to meet your dream bride.

) into the search panel and you will find hundreds of current job listings, advertising vacancies for “models” and female “translators”, mostly in Ukraine.

Further everything is as usual — simple correspondence, chat. With that you will be getting 10% gifts made by the foreigner. Most ads seek translators with experience of working for PPL sites.

Use an online translating program, and the ugly truth about PPL dating sites is staring you in the face.

If this makes you sick in your stomach, you are not alone: I thought I knew everything about this industry, but even I was shocked by the horrific reality of PPL hydra.

“Initially he enters your trust, tells how good and honest he is, pays the first salary, and then doesn’t pay for several months.” “Do not get involved with this scum. This is why when foreigners come to visit their prospective brides they are surprised that a girl who was so open and affectionate in her correspondence, suddenly becomes prudish.

It seems to be the usual practice for translators who “lead” certain profiles (i.e.


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