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Boss pedal serial dating

So, for each pass the signal makes, it gets dirtier and dirtier, due to the repeated conversion process.

The Boss DD-3 has been around for quite some time now, and people are starting to realize that it has changed somewhat over the years.

But let’s start at the beginning, with the DD-2, the world’s first digital delay in compact pedal form.

Boss released this pedal in 1983, and to say that it caused a stir is an understatement.

This website is dedicated to America's Pedal, the FX-series of guitar and bass effects pedals produced by DOD Electronics in the 1980s and 1990s.

Inspired by websites such as (for Boss effects pedals) and Disco Freq's FX site (listing almost every pedal ever made), our goal is to become a comprehensive resource for all U. A.-made DOD FX-series pedals (and related accessories), featuring notes on design and cosmetic changes, a guide to dating your DOD pedal by serial number, and related literature.

Here are the pots in this pedal, new ALPHA pots instead of original CTS pots.

The original pots are the only way to date an MXR pedal, so this pedal is not very valuable even if someone could get it working, as the date codes and pots are gone. I have also seen these "NOS" pedals turn up with pots with the last digits as 0318 which means 2003 18th week.

Original Mexican MXR switches should have UND LAB marking on it and some voltage rating, not the date code. Notice the lousy soldering and that the board had several broken traces, which was probably why MXR never used it and probably discarded it.

Analog Man Guitar Effects These pedals have been turning up on ebay for the last few years. Someone bought up a ton of random old MXR parts, and many semi-completed pedals (I guess) and made "NOS" MXR pedals out of them.

But they did not use all MXR parts and the pedals are often not very well made.

We are just trying to help people understand original pedals, which are about twice as valuable as a non original pedal.

\n I have an Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus pedal with the Serial No. Is there a way to date the pedal looking at the serial number?


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