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Change friendship into dating

However, if you neglected to count the Omer for an entire day (i.e.

missed both the evening and the following day), then you are still required to count until the end of 49 days - but WITHOUT a blessing.

If it's a show about fighting, and if The Protagonist is always getting stronger, what's the use of a defeated enemy?

If said enemy is well developed, has a sizeable fanbase and/or a sympathetic motive or backstory; then killing them might risk pissing off the fans.

put myself in a position to be of service to people who may be in need.

So instead, they become an ally and get to assist the hero.The people complained and Moses miraculously made the waters turn sweet.It was here that God gave the Jews some of the first mitzvot -- the laws of Shabbat and some civil laws -- in anticipation of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, some six weeks later.Strangers may be traveling through town, and the shul is the place where they should feel their loneliness lifted and be welcomed among their people.In our prayer, we ask God to attend to and provide for our needs.The reason why one is not permitted to say the blessing is because the Torah writes "You shall count... Therefore, if a person missed counting one entire day, it can no longer be considered complete.In the Hebrew year 2448 (1312 BCE), after crossing the Red Sea, the Jews came to a place called Mara -- literally "bitter," because the water there was bitter.No wonder the Talmud stresses the greater efficacy of communal prayer.Attending shul enables one to be of service to others, a mitzvah which is rewarded with Divine response to one's prayers.Let's You and Him Fight for where two characters are already on the same side but don't know it and fight because one or both of them think the other is an enemy.Defeat Means Respect where a defeated enemy respects the victor instead of becoming friends and Fire-Forged Friends, where enemies forced to fight on the same side become friends.


  1. How to Go From Dating to Long. "How to Change a Platonic Friendship Into a Romantic One.

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