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In terms of teaching strategies, a noisy group can be difficult to control and lead through a lesson; although they might also be easier to engage in activities and discussions.

On the other hand, a quiet class is easily communicated to, but there is a struggle to get them excited, engaged or participative.

You are responsible for your own acts that may result in liability charges, so make certain that you protect yourself against avoidable liability suits.

Here are 5 tips that will minimize potential liability suits.

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Now that you know why quiet students are quiet and how to get them to begin sharing thoughts, hopefully you’ll find more success engaging your unique class.While some teachers have the challenge of quieting down a noisy group, others are challenged to enliven a quiet class. So if you happen to be given a group of quiet students, are you aware of their reasons for introversion and ready to get them talking?Our natural instinct might be to compensate with more teacher-talk, but resist that urge! Classes sometimes just need a little more structure for their talking.Courts view schools as safe places because students are taught and supervised by licensed teachers.You operate in place of parents for students assigned to your classes.Most liability cases involve teacher negligence where teachers fail to exercise the degree of care that is necessary which results in physical injury to a student.It is important to know that teacher negligence involves four elements:• The teacher must owe a duty of care to the student• The teacher must breach that duty• The student must suffer an injury• There must be a direct connection between the student’s injury and your breach All four elements must be in place to make a valid liability challenge by an injured student.But you don’t have to require their voluntary sharing; instead, simply go around the entire classroom and ask students to just quickly share one thought about your topic. This is a more formalized student-led type of discussion that’s fully explained here.In brief, you ask students to prepare notes in advance, then to sit together in a fishbowl discussion and converse.Sometimes students just need a little more time for processing before sharing.So conscientiously wait longer between asking a question and expecting an answer. No offense, but if you’re content is boring, no one is going to want to talk about it.


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