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So I wrote the book for my 16-year-old self, who I look back on and think, “Why didn’t I know these things then? Another motivating factor in her own life is her role as a Professional Aunt No Kids (Pank).

Cameron has openly admitted that motherhood was something she happily sacrificed for the sake of her career, but she does have children in her life and has been passionately involved in the upbringing of her older sister Chimene’s four children.

On the set of Annie we have all these little super-sweet, super-cute girls who are extras in the movie and they come up to me and say, “Oh, Cammie, you are so pretty, you hair is so pretty, your clothes are so pretty, oh my God, your make-up is so pretty.” 'And that’s sweet but it worries me that girls are conditioned to value themselves and judge each other by the way they look.

It might not change your mind but at least you will have thought about it,’ she says, going on to point out that she is also passionate about ‘poop’, a subject which is covered in ‘more detail than some people are comfortable with’.I had to find a way to share the knowledge that I have about my body at 41 – and wish I’d had at 21.’ More of a body bible than the usual A-lister’s diet-cum-exercise-cum-cookery tome, Cameron’s book is a comprehensive, scientifically sound guide to understanding, strengthening and – most importantly – learning ‘to love’ our bodies.With chapters that explain everything from the bone-by-bone breakdown of our skeleton to the mysteries of ‘the lady-body’ (more of which later), the star has broken taboos and boldly gone where other, less outspoken celebrities might fear to tread.Next I’ll throw in some Cholula Hot Sauce – which you can get in the UK now – and then I’ll fold it all together and beef it up with corn chips and sliced avocado.Avocado is such a great source of good fats…’ All this she says in a running commentary as she prepares the food that will keep her extraordinary energy levels high for the rest of what will be an 18-hour day.There is no denying that Cameron is a genuine champion of women and that she is on a mission to educate (she would like nutrition and the working of the human body to become part of an international school curriculum).But as open and outspoken as she is on the subject of women and the female form, she is definitely not forthcoming about men or any particular man she might be close to (in recent months there have been rumours of links to Tom Cruise, Benicio del Toro and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk).One of the few great Hollywood beauties who manages to have a fanbase of both men and women, she is at heart, you sense, very much a woman’s woman.When Cameron opened a Twitter account last November, 21-year-old Kate Upton, her co-star in the upcoming comedy The Other Woman, welcomed her by tweeting, ‘The most amazing person has finally joined Twitter.’ Cameron’s response – ‘I miss you so much my little lamb!So does that mean, I ask as she munches her delicious yet nutritionally correct lunch, cutting out those wrong-time-of-the-month treats women crave, such as chocolate and cheese? Just this weekend two of my girlfriends and I, plus our mums, went out for cheese fondue and we had the best time – it was delicious.But it’s like anything that you want to indulge in, such as chocolate and double cream – you can do it but you can’t do it every time you sit down in front of a plate. 'A few of my girlfriends don’t understand this and they say things like, “What is your secret?


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