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” But Cameron doesn’t just champion the cause of her nieces – and all young girls – on the issue of nutrition.

She is, I say, very wise and extremely brave.‘I am really concerned that young girls are making choices to get rid of something that is there for a purpose.

The fallout from that fondue wasn’t pleasant so I won’t be doing it again next weekend. If most women had to choose, I say, they would rather look like Cameron Diaz. ‘Food is your friend and you have to embrace your hunger absolutely – you are going to be hungry for the rest of your life. ” and I say, “I don’t have secrets, this is science.” One of my closest friends was always saying to me, “I can’t eat today, I ate too much yesterday.

If you can wrap your mind around the fact that you are what you eat, then you know that your body will work better and look better with good nutrients than it will if you live off a diet of pizza or fondue. And to achieve a body as slender (but not skinny) as hers, does that mean spending the rest of their lives seeing food as an enemy? You have to feed your hunger, honour your hunger, because it’s not going to go away. I have to stop eating and lose some weight.” So finally I said to her, “You have to eat, so just eat the right things,” and I challenged her to consume certain foods as much and as often as she wanted for two weeks to prove that I was right.

The incredibly private Cameron (currently rated – ahead of Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock – as the highest-paid Hollywood actress over 40) has allowed me to intrude on her working lunch because she wants to tell YOU readers all about what she believes to be the greatest achievement of her life so far: the publication of a radically different celebrity lifestyle guide simply called The Body Book.‘I never imagined I could create a book, let alone one this big. I am an actor – I don’t produce, I don’t direct, I have a very short attention span and I have progressed my career by listening to my intuition. ” and pick something that gave me that gut reaction.

But then two years ago I had this absolute moment when it came to me that I had to do this book because nobody else was going to do it.


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  3. Star Caroline Blakiston, who plays Aunty Agatha, has admitted that she doesn't like watching the sex scenes in the show. "I don't want to look at people having sex," she said recently.

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