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See also Lemon, Porn Without Plot, Everyone Is Gay, Het Is Ew, Yaoi Guys, Yaoi Fangirl and Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls.

Not to be confused with fics about the guitarist from Guns 'n' Roses (they can overlap if you look, however).

The origin of the term predates the World Wide Web, going back to 1960s fanfic writers, specifically those interested in , who wrote "Kirk/Spock" fiction, pronounced "Kirk Slash Spock". " "No thank you Mr.butler," said Stephen Colbert "But you can help me with this":(makes unzipping fly motion) Zip! and I'm going to stop there, bcause you don't need to carry around in my head, what I carry around in mine!

In many communities, the ordering of the names is used to indicate a power relationship, and who exactly is the dominant member. The point is who would have thought that technology had evolved to the point where I would find myself alone in my office at work, shouting out loud at my own computer screen screaming 'WHEN DO I AT LEAST HAVE A GO?!!

r Age provides a platform to touch and feel, try and experiment.

The most common definition of Slash is a Fan Fic that pairs two (or more) characters of the same sex.

Often, "slash" is used for male/male pairings only, with "femslash" or "femmeslash" are used to define a female/female pairing (sing an "x" symbol between the names works too).

The more lopsided the male-to-female ratio in the original work, the more common it is to have slash pairings rather than straight pairings in the fandom.

Slash is often also used to pair up Heterosexual Life-Partners.


  1. This article is about the soap opera Neighbours. Damien Bodie. ex-boyfriend of Sindi Watts. Is currently dating Eva, who is a wrestler.

  2. Apr 02, 2018 155 questions and answers about 'Neighbours - Characters and Actors' in our 'Neighbours. Damien Bodie's television credits. "Dating The Enemy.

  3. Damien Bodie, Australian actor; Ping. Bodie had spells in the ECHL with the Stockton Thunder and the American Hockey League for the. Bodie was dating ex.

  4. Warm Bodies Soundtrack, find all 44 songs from the Warm Bodies 2013 movie music soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Listen to and download the music, ost, score, list of songs and trailers.

  5. A Lifestyle Podcast centered around topics in Culture, Comedy, Sexuality, "The Unknown," Spirituality, and Society. Hosted by Jennifer Carmody.

  6. Janelle Timmins. Edit. History. Stingray Timmins and Damien Bodie. Janelle begins dating Allan Steiger Joe Clements.

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