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Dau Pheobe b 1854 Burnt Islands, d May 9, 1913 bur Cape Ray, m James Short.

Have letter from Emanuel m Bridget Unknown mailed from Boston, Mass. Area of Research: Bonavista Bay Extent of Research: Limited [October/2004] Researcher: Bernard Byrne - [email protected]: 157 Golden Orchard Dr., Hamilton, Ontario, l9c 6j3 Phone: Description: Looking for decendants of John Cammie, married Moriah French. John's Description : Seek info on descendants of Daniel Campbell (c1755-1813) and wife Ann(c1769-1845) of St.

Area of Research: Southwest Coast Extent of Research: Extensive [October/2004] Researcher: G. I am curious where the Olinda name comes from and also what happened to his brothers and sisters.

They had 8 kids, Augustus, Lily, Madeline, Mascella, Mildred, Monika and Anthony..in port saunders and 1 born in Sandy Cove, Euphrisa Area of Research: Great Northern Peninsula Extent of Research: Limited [October/2004] Researcher: Paulette Strickland - [email protected]: 61 Western Ave., Guelph, ON, N1H 6A7 Phone: Description: Looking for information on a Miss Kane/Caine(s) born about 1835 that married Philip Strickland about 1855 and had childern Emmanuel, Andrew, George, Helen, Margaret, Israel, a William. They had six surviving children (John (Jack), Catherine (Daisy), Isabelle, Virginia Helen, Mary Lillian(Lil) , Joseph (born in 1892). Mary Lillian, then age 7, was left behind to care for grandparents in Harbour Grace and remained until age 20 when both grandparents had died. ) Prince, who were from Princeton (Seal Cove, Bonavista Bay.) I am looking for any trace of my grandparents and great grandparents birth records --the trail goes cold at Samuel Prince and Rebecca.

The names given on the birth certificates for parents are George and Eliza.

JOHN CAHILL brn (my great great grandfather) son of Matthew Cahill.

Children: Phoebe, Elizabeth, Sarah, Job, Emanuel, Mary Ann, James and George. There are Yetmans, Quintons and Calverts in my family. Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of Research: Limited [February/2005] Researcher : Paul Doherty - [email protected] of Research : St.

With allegations going back to Weinstein's early years, the film investigates the elaborate ways he and those around him tried to silence his accusers.

Click on the graphic below to return to the NGB Home Page To contribute to this site, see above menu item "About". As always, confirm these, as you would any other source material. I have been told that Betsy's parents may have lived on Gower Street in St. [Feb/2000] Researcher: Glenda - [email protected]: Phone: Description: Seeking info on Mary Ann CAHILL(nee CAREY)who married Joseph CAHILL , St.

Researcher : Trena O'Dell - [email protected] of Research : Northern Peninsula Description : I am looking for information on the parents/siblings of Elizabeth (Betsy) Cadwell b.

Victoria and Albert have to face their worst nightmare as parents, while Peel takes on the ultimate battle in Parliament.

When tragedy strikes, they must confront the true cost of standing by their convictions.


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