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Dating a runner

Running takes dedication, commitment, strength, and even a sense of humor (tell me you don’t laugh at shared stories of blisters, black toenails, and “potty stops”). Here are five more reasons that dating a runner is a good idea.

I don’t camp or really need anything in there but I can browse for hours! 😊 • • Of course from there we had to head north to Encinitas for lunch at @lotuscafeandhuicebar and a quick stop at Moonlight Beach. I highly recommend heading to your local track or a hometown 5k, and take a look at the runners crossing the finish line.

With her marathon training plan which requires her to train at least 4 times a day, including a long run on the weekend, on top of her busy work load, there is hardly enough time for her to juggle going on dates.

She has committed to a rigid training plan which she will stick to faithfully until she achieves her goals. Do not even think that each of her training sessions lasts only 1 hour, and that you can both catch a late night dinner afterwards.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a little of what kept me away from my computer. There is also security in having a running partner, especially one who is likely to feel protective of you, which is especially reassuring if you run in the dark.

” ~ Robin • • Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature that it’s fall now? ] so we decided to can the run and head to San Diego for the day. You don’t even have to ask what you have in common. When you date a Runner, you have a built-in running partner.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” ~ Allen Saunders • • My run certainly didn’t go as planned this morning. So much I stopped at about 1.5 miles, gave @alantwoodruff a quick little #fst lesson and had him traction out my legs.

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Sometimes, a vacation is just an excuse for her to sign up for overseas marathon races.

Neither does she care about the trendiest cafés, or latest food trends, in whatever shopping malls. She would rather do outdoor trekking, hiking, cycling, swimming, sailing, wakeboarding or surfing during her non-training days. Her soul craves adrenaline and endorphins that come from outdoor adventures.

She is stubborn; once she sets her mind on a marathon goal timing, she will put everything she has into achieving it.

She doesn’t need them to boost her confidence or to impress anyone. She is able to distinguish between superficiality and originality.

She would rather spend her money on sportswear, sport gears, nutritious food, outdoor activities or signing up for more races; things that give real meaning to her life.


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