Dating an egyptian woman

They knew each other for 6 months before they got married in 2014.

She is currently writing a new book “Love Surfing” about her journey with dating sites till she met her husband. I was sick at that time and he was very supportive and trying to help me by all means although he was in another country.

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Hoda Haggag Hoda Haggag met her husband 14 years ago at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, where she worked.How did your family and friends react when you informed them of your intercultural relationship and subsequent marriage?It didn’t really raise any eyebrows since it was not a typical intercultural marriage.How do you think life would have been different if you didn’t meet your husband?There’s a possibility I wouldn’t have been married.She can’t simply decide at a later stage in life that she needs to radically change her life style and revert back to her “roots” and expect to tag him along.They also have to discuss how their children will be raised in general and regarding religion in particular.It was a favorable idea but it hadn’t fully taken form at the time yet since I had very minimal interaction with foreigners.However, I had started realizing that finding a suitable Egyptian partner with a mentality and cultural background compatible with mine was almost impossible.Theresa Khalil Theresa Khalil is a writer, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur and content creator. She moved to Sharm El Sheikh in 2007, then to Europe in 2012.In Egypt, she always felt like an outsider, thinking differently and asking a lot of questions.


  1. Jan 22, 2016. Intercultural marriage is a welcome venture in Egypt, as long as it involves an Egyptian man. But what happens when it's the woman who wants to marry a foreigner? Valentina Primo delves into the stories of three young women to unveil their struggles while seeking a transnational relationship. Valentina.

  2. Oct 19, 2010. “Would you like me to tell you the difference between making love to an Egyptian woman and a European woman?” “Mike”, my driver in Luxor, leaned forward and gazed sincerely in my eyes. “Look, I think it is important to be able to discuss these things.” “Mike”, an Egyptian who had lived in the English.

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  4. It's time. I've been here in Korea for two weeks and I've been hearing quite a bit about cross-cultural relationships as there seem to be so many foreigners here dating Korean men and women. Hearing about the cultural differences and challenges they face has really made me reflect a lot on what I learned from almost.

  5. Let's talk about two things looks and traits. But first, this is my personal opinion, isn't it? Looks, in general Egyptian women looks like latin women from Colombia, same skin color, bodies too. But wait, Egyptians are conservative, you can know.

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