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Dating and because it is there

"If you're dating intentionally and with the hopes of finding a long-term partner, then you should be clear on your values and the life you want to create," Burns says.

She suggests booking a date on your GCal for you to sit down together and openly discuss where you align, what you feel comfortable compromising on, or potentially identifying deal breakers.

If it sounds as though I’m frantically trying to distance myself from this listicle, it’s because, come on, wouldn’t you?!? There’s no way you can just heartlessly toss this guy into the relationship dump pile with all the other losers you never should’ve dated.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you’re neither ready to face the consequences of being the bearer of bad news, nor are you willing to be alone on another Friday night doing laundry while talking to yourself.

Aluisy recommends making a conscious effort to recognize your partner's positive qualities or praise them for their efforts.

But these friends offer valuable vetting opinions, especially if you tend to attract dating duds, and it’s important to see how your new bae gets along with your crew." Make solid plans for your partner to hang out with you and your friends and you with their friends.

Lucky for him, you’re a raging people-pleaser willing to sacrifice your own happiness just to avoid an awkward moment… Also: if you end it now, there’s a very good chance he’ll take all the fries with him. A thousand dollars says your date won’t even make it to the table before you start singing, “Thank you for being a friend,” and sobbing.

Note: Clearly the above scenario is a work of fiction.

The point should be that you both feel a sense of accomplishment from working together and completing the activity.

Yeah, washing the dishes together isn't sexy, but the relief and accomplishment you'll both feel looking at your empty sink is definitely 2. As satisfying as it can be to volley something snarky back during an argument, learning to control your temper and awareness during a fight is even more satisfying in the long run.


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