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Dating and playing with hair

If you can read a woman’s non-verbal cues, you can escalate an interaction smoothly and seamlessly. Yet the majority won’t start flirting until you do. That’s why it’s best to assume that if she’s talking to you, she’s open to the idea of flirting with you.

Flirting will help you gauge her reactions and determine whether or not she’s interested, sooner rather than later.

Body language is the strongest indicator to calibrate flirting. Stop believing you need some obvious sign of approval or else you’ll miss out on many opportunities.

It’s hardwired into our biology and always reveals how we feel. Most women know if they’re attracted to you within five minutes.

We consulted body language expert Tonya Reiman to get her take on what five common tics really say about you The habit: Scratching or rubbing your skin The reason: Dryness is making your skin itchy What your body language says: “Scratching or rubbing the skin typically indicates that we need to be soothed due to anxiety or high levels of emotion.

— Want my personal 1-on-1 help to implement what you’ve just learned?Continue showing your intentions mixed in with normal conversation.You should progressively show more intention (escalate).As time goes on your questions become more personal and sexual, statements become more forward and bold, and touches more intimate.If you receive bad responses, temporarily ease up on the flirting – such as teasing, touching, and sexual innuendos. Maybe you tend to play with your hair, or have a habit of biting your nails.For me, it’s picking at split ends—not cute, I know.I want you to be aware of these body language cues but don’t seek them out. But with a bit of experience, you’ll be picking up on them with ease.The last thing you want to do is give her a genuine compliment and then stare at her intensely to see how she reacts. Proximity and Positioning We gravitate towards people we feel comfortable with and are attracted to.You’re dealing with unique individuals in unique situations.But while nothing is absolute, these guidelines are a tried and true foundation.


  1. Feb 11, 2015. You find it hard to tell for sure when a woman is flirting, so you are not very confident in your dating interactions. You don't want. For many women their hair is one of their strong physical features. So when they may start to feel attracted or insecure they start to play with their hair to regain their confidence.

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