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I saw his registration on the LA County Voter’s site because it’s public information. Secondly, he has an aunt who is gay and everyone talks about how much he cares about her . You would think that if he loves her so much that he would want her to have the same rights ]he has. Have you ever read any reviews on his plays on Broadway or his other movies he has made.He refused to do an “It Gets Better” PSA and I know that first hand. Sorry, but I don’t support those who don’t support me, my wife and my two kids. And he is certainty Allowed to keep his private life PRIVATE! He is an amazing actor especially when it comes to comedy. They might have not all been hits but the one thing they all say is Jensen is a remarkable upcoming actor who should be in film.Harris was actually named after her great-grandmother Elta, but she goes by her middle name, Danneel, for her stage name.The name “Danneel” was reportedly inspired by Danneel Street in New Orleans.My beliefs are like his, but I was raised that God does the judging, not man.I have several LGBT friends who I love dearly and can’t imagine my life without.I was also raised that if you don’t have anything positive to say, remain silent and smile.

You’re judging him made on assumptions yet he’s never publicly made a negative comment about anyone LGBT.You have a double standard and that’s not fair to you and your loved ones or him and his loved ones.All the judging does is cause anger, hurt feelings, confused kids, etc.Jared had agreed to do it but when Jensen declined Jared pulled out. He doesn’t owe you or anyone else personal info on his aunt. As for not having respect for the LGBT community all this came about because Jensen said at one of his conventions that Dean was not gay because Eric Kripe wrote Supernatural for two straight brothers.So in reality you are just passing judgement on person without having all the facts. Good Lord you even judge people by their voters card.a joke ! But if you want Dean to be gay in your mind that’s fine with him. Then his comment was turned around so viciously that it haunts him to this day. So now any questions concerning LGBT rights in the supernatural conventions are forbidden because LBGT community have targeted him and come to the convention to give him a hard time. He is a man that I would be proud to call my son and friend.Stop being jealous of his success and work on your own life. I’d say he’s preserving the integrity of the LGBT community actually, by not being a fan of homoerotic fetishization; reducing the LGBT community into a mere fetish. Perhaps he is old school Republican like my father was. The problem with such long running shows are that the actors stay vastly in their comfort zone and don’t really try new things (I mean different acting roles).For some it’s good, for others it might even a waste of amazing talent.Jensen Ackles Roles- 2004 The Plight of Clownana Jensen Short film 2005 Devour Jake Gray Straight-to-DVD 2007 Ten Inch Hero (Boaz) Priestly 2009 My Bloody Valentine 3D Tom Hanniger 2010 Batman: Under the Red Hood Jason Todd / Red Hood DC Original animated film; voice role Television- 1996 Wishbone Michael Duss Episode 1.34: “Viva Wishbone!” 1996 Sweet Valley High Brad Episode 3.17: “All Along in the Water Tower” 1996–97 Mr. & to the people who complain about Jensen & Danneel & their families being repub u don’t know y they voted for them & neither do I so don’t assume that because they voted for them, their homophobic because assuming things is wrong Face it, Jensen is D List and she’s, what? She’s supremely lucky to have hooked up with him, and he’s SUPREMELY lucky to have landed SPN. People assume that everybody is obliged to fight for gay’s rights.The charity helps to provide hats to children diagnosed with cancer.The Ackles helped to raise over ,290 from over 3,662 supporters, according to Zap2it. Harris was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and was brought up in the small town of Eunice in St. Her dad is a practicing Ophthalmologist and her mother is an interior designer.


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