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You want to know the first thought that ran through my head? Alright, maybe a little pun intended.) I was given about 15 minutes to talk to the youth, which when you think about it, isn’t that much time to talk about dining etiquette. A disgusted father and brother look on as they shake their heads. So besides lifting your plate to your face and making a Picasso out of meatloaf, what other tips should you give your youth about dining etiquette?

(I was also assigned to talk about dating etiquette, but for the sanity of you readers and my word count, I’m sticking to “dining” in this post.) When I got down to planning for the presentation, there were a lot of resources and differing opinions. Thank you, Randy, for teaching the youth what not to do. I gave them the smuggest look I could put on my face and they burst out laughing. Sure, they aren’t going to go out tomorrow and need to learn how to use a shrimp fork, (I still don’t know how/where to use it) so I kept my tips, in the form of a quiz, basic and applicable. A: When your food comes B: When you sit down C: You only need a napkin if you’re eating soup or spaghetti Correct answer: B.

She serves as a children's columnist and covers family entertainment for several print and online publications.

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Teenagers are on the verge of blossoming into young adulthood and learning proper etiquette in matters such as table or phone manners will be beneficial as they grow.

Simple and fun activities will show teens how to be polite, courteous and properly conduct themselves in real-life settings.

Regardless of whether they like the gift, teens must still show appreciation.

Educational articles are an excellent resource for parents who are interested in learning about the best parenting practices from experts in the field. When the servants formally greet arriving guests outside the house, they are placed in order of social hierarchy.Name the staff member, below, and their job title – then place them, from top down, in their pecking order.20. It is made up of the little rules in society that make it easier for people to enjoy each other’s company.Knowing some of those little rules will make you and the people around you more comfortable in social situations.Teach teens how to properly ask for someone over the phone. The first teen will be the caller, the second teen will be the parent and the last teen will be the caller's friend.Explain to teens they must first say hello, identify themselves and ask for the person they would like to speak to. Have the caller use a cell phone to call the parent's home and properly ask for his friend.I really appreciate your gift." The teen who brought the gift will then say, "You're welcome.I'm glad you do." Encourage teens to dress in formal attire.According to a proper table setting chart, correctly set up plates and utensils on a large table. Explain to teens what each utensil is and how it is properly used.For example, the utensils above the plate are used for dessert and the fork directly next to the plate on the left is the dinner fork. Let teens test out the silverware skills they learned by eating their meal and using the proper utensils.


  1. The Etiquette-Guide tries to educate and entertain it’s readers with a range of etiquette and general good manner articles. Here is your chance to put your knowledge to the test.

  2. See if you have what it takes to ace your first date—or if you need a little improvement.

  3. April 28 7 p.m. Clark Wilson from the Ohio Theatre in Columbus. June 9 7 p.m. Justin LaVoie, a fantastic young artist, Winner of the Young Organist Competition.

  4. Dating Etiquette Quiz. 1 When in a dark theater and an usher is directing you to your seat, the girl should. a walk in front of the usher.

  5. See if you have what it takes to nail your first date - or if you need a little improvement.

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