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China, now the second largest economy in the world, has become an essentially important economic partner for Japan and other East Asian countries.

At the same time, its rapid economic growth allows China to multiply its military spending and move forward with the modernization of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

From your safety to shopping, living in Japan can yield great benefits as well as occasional drawbacks.

Find your feet and stay abreast of the latest developments affecting expats in Japan with relevant news and up-to-date information.

As an expatriate dating in Japan can be difficult, especially if you are a female coming from western countries.

Reasons vary but mainly this is attributed to the cultural differences between yourself and many Japanese men.

Japan has experienced such demographic change; modern work styles and financial independence have enabled people to choose the life style they want rather than one that is necessary.

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Many require payment for using their services but some websites do offer free services, although paid dating websites are considered to be more reliable.

If you want to go shopping, you can find large varieties of goods available.

For more information about shopping in Japan, you can see Shopping for Expats in Japan.

On the other hand, western males often find it easier to date in Japan than females, this is thought to be because the cultural difference is not so distracting for Japanese women.

There are many ways to meet a potential partner in Japan, pubs and bars are the most common and well known way to meet new people.


  1. Many items were marked, of course, but they were "prestige" items - European china for example - where the manufacturer and importer thought the source was a. Trade resumed in 1945 with the same "made in Japan" mark required but Japanese manufacturers found that "made in occupied japan" was an easier mark to.

  2. Choosing to live alone has become a significant population trend all over the world in the past few decades. It is especially common in large cities or towns in developed countries. Japan has experienced such demographic change; modern work styles and financial independence have enabled people to choose the life.

  3. Feb 25, 2017. The international community keeps a close watch on China's security policy and its military trends. The Japanese public has been increasingly aware of the large impact of China's rising military and economic power that may have a huge impact on Japanese security. China, now the second largest.

  4. Jul 20, 2017. TOKYO—Japan's population is shrinking. For the first time since the government started keeping track more than a century ago, there were fewer than 1 million births last year, as the country's population fell by more than 300,000 people. The blame has long been put on Japan's young people, who are.

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