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Iti multumim ca ai descarcat Baros and Bogdan Ioan - Daca maine.mp3 de pe site-ul nostru si speram ca vei reveni in curand sa descarci si alte fisiere asemanatoare cu Baros and Bogdan Ioan - Daca maine.mp3 .Canalul oficial de youtube al interpretei de muzica populara , Mariana Ionescu CĂPITĂNESCU.and arriving in London at he very convienient hour of 4.56 p.m. The combined Sea and special train fare is .9.11 Port Said to London via Brindisi or via Marseilles. Oa the o^hfr hand we oannot bring ourselves to believe that our excellent contem­porary oould have deliberately exaggerated the drunken freak of a single Sudanese soldier, and have gone out of its way to wilful’y oon- tradiot the War Office’s statement on the snb­jeot. They have advanced 800 yards and are sending np bodies and barning putifying horses with lime. The Westphalian miners have recovered 1'0 bodies, of which many are unrecognisable (**. As regards the Mehkemehs, even in default of greatly needed radical anc Lorganio changes, something may be done to improve matters io the way of regulating the execution ofjudg meats, reorganising the present oonduob of work and distribution of Courts,and improving the calibre of the future personnel by the insti tution of ths proposed training College for Cadis and Mehkemeh oltrks. Passengers having paid full fare in one direction are allowed an abatement of 25 per cent on returnin within 12 months. Offioial and g amour propre is at stake, while the pablio is eagerly awaiting a solution of the riddle, especially since some other ouriona rumours have been brnited about as to the origin of the Khartoam explosion. The “Koelniaohe Zritung” now accuses France of delaying the Morocco question by her unyielding attitude on the bank qnes ion. It may perhaps, also, prove possible to effect some modifications in the procedure in suits relating to Wakfs, which will give suitors greater guarantees of justice than they at present possess.

The Brindisi Express Steamers leave Port Said directly the Indian Mails arrive. The express steamer usually reaches Brindisi on Wednesday afternoon, the special train starting at 8 p.m. An explanation of the discrepancy between tfie official and newpaper versions of the mu­tiny will be awaited with considerable interest. We woald refase for a moment to believe any insinuations to the effect that the War Office hss been guilty of minimising a somewhat sedans affair in the interests of official expe­diency. Twenty-five Westphalian miners, with specis oxygen apparatus, have re started clearing tb Courrilrea mines with astonishing results. In the way of procedure, some means most be sought for checking the present plethora of poiioe prosecutions in petty oases — notably as regards trompery charges of hurt or insalt. a steamer leaves SUEZ for JEDDAH continuing every other week to SUAKIN, MASSOWAH, HODEIDAB, ADEN. For plans of steamers, rates of passages between the various ports, and full particulars, apply to THOS, COOK & SON (Egypt) Ltd., Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Assouan; John Ross & Co., Alexandria; White Star Line, Via Roma, Gena, and 21, Piazza della Borsa, Naples. Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, Luxor, Assuan, Halfa, and Khartum. NILE STEAMER SERVICE Special Steamers and Dahabeahs for private parties. OUTWARD.— Queensland Line of Steamers Between London and Brisbane. The articles of association provide, however, that in the event of the whole of the shares not being snbscribsd by the end of this month the company shall be dissolved. The “Morning Post,” in oom mooting on this bank, remarks, ‘ No donbt formality is the explanation of the whole ourions affair; the oompany may have been registered to grab the very excellent title or something of the sort; but nevertheless it is a pity to see snch methods adopted, especially in the case of a banking compa D}.” his hank has no connection with the Bank of Commerce, which is held over for the presenf. Excellent accommodation for all classes of passengers. Fortnightly Service in connection with the Co's Indian Mail Lines and monthly with the East African Mail Line between ADEN, MOMBASSA and Zanzibar. In spite of th« faot that the promoters annonnoe that they will make no initial pablio issue—-saohan announcement by the way mean­ing nothing, or next to it—it might have been thought that the idea of inability to raise such a moderate amount of capital for a banking institution wonld never have entered into anyone’s head. Wells aro being bored now at stations between Tbamiam and Kassala line under the direotion of Bimbashi Newoombe, R E. The sports were a great success and the afternoon was spent in an enjoyable manner. The shares are already being dealt in on the Cairo Bourse at a pre­mium. Saloon Fares: from Port Said to Gibraltar £9, Marseilles £9, London and Liverpool £14; add £1 to above fare for passengers from Cairo, Ismailia, or Suez. Through tickets from Egypt to Liverpool and also to New-York and Boston, issued by the Agents: Rodacanachi & Co., Alexandria; Nicolas Kirgis, Cairo; R. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS APPLY TO THE AGENTS OF THE NORDDEUTSCHER LLOYD at Cairo, Alexandria, Port-Said and Suez. About 2,f00 Arab labourers have been discharged since Jar nary. The Suakin annual sports, which were postponed owing to the unfortunate death by accident of an Egyptian Army officer took place on the 5th iust. The com­bine will, in a few weeks’ time, be launched simultaneously in London, Cairo and Alexan­dria as a limited liability oompany with a oapital of £300,000. Regular Sailings between Alexandria , Naples, and Boston or New York, U. Regular Service between Italy and United States throughout the year. Calling at ADEN, COLOMBO and MADRAS Outward, and MARSEILLES (GENOA and PLYMOUTH optional) Homeward. From Port-Said £2 less Homeward, and £2 more Outward. Agents at PORT SAID, for the London, Calcutta and Persian Gulf Lines, Messrs. Agents at PORT SAID, for the London and Queensland Line, Messrs. The whole of the necessary workieg oapital has been firmly guaranteed in England and Egypt. There has recently been registered the Com­mercial Bank of Egypt (Limited) with a capita* consisting of 2 000 shilling shares or £100 in all. By the large modern twin screw steamers REPUBLIC, 15,400 tons- CANOPIC, 13,000 tons- ROMANIC, 11,400 tons. The oompany also has some very valuable land options. Thera is a strong London Board and a local advisory Board. In addition to the above weekly service there are sailings about twice a fortnight of 5,000 to 7,000 tons steamers to London, calling at Malta or Marsielles TO THE EAST The mail steamers leave Suez for Aden and Bombay every Wednesday, and for Australia and China every alternate Wednesday. Through the kind ffforts of the Comitd des F6tes Cairo ha* been favoured with a violin recital by M. The above is only a brief and inojmpletc outlineof the more urgent improvements requir­ed in matters relating solely to native affairs. A steamer leaves for Calcutta, fortnightlyy, and another for Japan. For all further information apply to the Company's Agents, Messrs. Paul Kochanski which will long remain in the memory. If there be inoladed a certain number of legii lative or administrative reforms affecting Europeans, constantly demanded by the public —such as a law of copyright, patents and trade-marks - and some of which are, it may be hoped, imminent—3uoh as the proposed reorganisation of the Registry Offices, under the direct oontroi of the Ministry of Jastice, it will be seen that the programme is qaite suffi oient to oooapy the Department for some time to come. On this subjeot the Adviser elsewhere re* marks :— In general, I have little to add to what I have said for the last few years about the Native Tribunals. This apolies to the “Explosion” case as well as the above case in which ten soldiers were arrested and conveyed to Khartoam to be oourt-martialled. The staff of judges and inspectors, both Native and Eugluh, has been materially increased, and resident English judges have been provided iu all the provincial centres except Keneh. The following statement, was, however, suppli­ed by the W»r Office:— “A soldier of the 10th Sudanese, while in a state of inebriety, discharged his rifle several times. The soldier was arrest- The amonnt of inaccuracy in the infor­mation of the War Office is striking. Children's Courts have been estab­lished in Cairo and Alexandria,—the only towns where, under present conditions, they were required—and have proved a deoidel success.


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