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And online dating is a .5 billion business in the United States alone. Dating based on big data is behind long-lasting romance in relationships of the 21st century.

Online dating companies leverage big data analytics on all of the information collected on users and what they’re looking for in a relationship through in-depth questionnaires as well as other data elements such as website habits and social media.

The Synapse algorithm is based on the stable marriage problem solved by the Gale–Shapley algorithm.

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Google also uses the Hadoop Map Reduce framework for scanning through huge numbers of servers and integrating the results into an index. Synapse learns about its users in ways similar to sites like Amazon, Netflix, and Pandora to recommend new products, movies, or songs based on a user’s preferences.and e Harmony both use their own proprietary questionnaires that aim to dig deep into who you are, and what you may like in a partner.At more than a hundred questions each, and taking hours to complete, it is a lot of effort, but the user’s answers become the data which allows the site to build up as much information on you as they can before plugging you into their matching algorithms.By switching to Mongo DB, they have successfully reduced the time for the compatibility matching system algorithm to run at 95% (less than 12 hours).Big data and machine learning processes analyze a billion prospective matches a day.For example, females tend to lie about their weight, age, and build, while males tend to lie about their height, income, and age.Another instance of providing inaccurate data is when the person believes that he/she is more appealing when listing that they love listening to classical music--while the accuracy of this data can better be determined by an analysis of the Spotify playlist or i Tunes history.e Harmony spends around million a year on marketing, which is down from the 0 million it spent before it invested in its own custom attribution measurement system.This system uses data to help the company spend more efficiently. 10% of American adults spend more than an hour a day on a dating app, according to Nielsen data.Use of online dating sites or apps by 18- to 24-year-olds has tripled since 2013.


  1. Dating industry. Methods of analysis include an industry analysis of the general online dating industry, further investigation of 35 of the major dating sites as well as five in-depth case studies. The cases studied were Match, PlentyofFish, Ashley Madison, Tinder and the Dating Ring. A ranking of the most popular dating sites.

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