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Dating vintage gucci purse

It’s all about creating balance, so since your jeans are wider, you need to have a tighter top or outwear piece.

Don’t forget that darker denim looks amazing with a pair of hot red heels.

The whole outfit is quite feminine and delicate and it is made for late summer days, especially with that nostalgic feeling it has.

Clogs are still some what popular, thanks to last year’s Chanel fashion show.

Wide leg jeans are much more versatile than skinny jeans, but at the same time they require much more attention to details.

Wide leg and flare jeans are easy to dress up, with a great vintage feel to it.

Another item that will look great with wide leg jeans is a cropped jacket or blazer.

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With a pair of oversized sunglasses, printed loose fit top and a small fringed purse, you will look like the real boho queen.

When it comes to colors, choose whites, reds, shades of blue and tan in order to give away a charismatic summer vibe.

Even though wide leg jeans look better with a pair of peep toe pumps, it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them with a classic pair of rounded pumps.

Lanvin’s flats might be a bit pricey, but they are one of the best out there.

Not only they are simple and chic, but they are also versatile and made of the finest quality leather.


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