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During the present-day Thanksgiving, Blair briefly battles with her feelings for Chuck, as Serena discovers that they slept together…twice.

Finding herself exiled from her family’s intended Thanksgiving plans with the Waldorfs, Serena leads the Van der Woodsen trio to the Humphrey household for the holiday—where it’s eventually revealed to Serena, Dan, Eric, and Jenny that Rufus and Lily have a romantic past.

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When the day’s drama has subsided, though, Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate, and Dan have shown us time and time again that the most important things to be thankful for will always prevail: friends and family. In this first ever Thanksgiving episode, flashbacks from last Thanksgiving show Serena wrestling with her drunken “party girl” antics and Blair with her bulimia.

Blair is convinced that Eleanor’s sweet-hearted Cyrus is impeding upon her Thanksgiving traditions, only to later discover that he and Eleanor are secretly engaged.

Eleanor and Cyrus arrange for Blair’s father to spend Thanksgiving in New York, an enchanting surprise for Blair as she learns to welcome the new traditions that accompany her evolving family.

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