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During the present-day Thanksgiving, Blair briefly battles with her feelings for Chuck, as Serena discovers that they slept together…twice.

Finding herself exiled from her family’s intended Thanksgiving plans with the Waldorfs, Serena leads the Van der Woodsen trio to the Humphrey household for the holiday—where it’s eventually revealed to Serena, Dan, Eric, and Jenny that Rufus and Lily have a romantic past.

Pursuing their own respective career goals, Chuck and Blair decide not to see each other for the time being—but the entire crew comes together at the hospital to get to the bottom of Serena’s perceived overdose.

With everyone convinced that Serena has reverted back to her old ways, Lily decides to admit her to the Ostroff Center to combat her alleged addiction.

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Nate demands that his father turn himself in to regain the respect of his family.

He emotionally agrees, and the feds come to put an end to the Archibald antics—finally rendering Mr. Eric unveils Bart’s apparent infatuation with having his private investigator follow the family—so Lily, Serena, and Eric once again find themselves at a diner on Thanksgiving.

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