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Design production and placement of self consolidating concrete

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Sections: 115.05 User Guide 115.07 Accessory Dwelling Units 115.08 Accessory Structure (Detached Dwelling Unit Uses Only) 115.10 Accessory Uses, Facilities and Activities 115.15 Air Quality Regulations 115.20 Animals in Residential Zones 115.23 Common Recreational Space Requirements for Certain Residential Uses 115.24 Cross Kirkland Corridor/Eastside Rail Corridor – Supplemental Development Standards for Adjoining Properties 115.25 Development Activity – Limitations On 115.33 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure 115.35 Erosion and Sedimentation Regulation 115.40 Fences 115.42 Floor Area Ratio (F. R.) Calculation for Detached Dwelling Units in Low Density Residential Zones and Attached Dwelling Units in PLA 3C 115.43 Garage Requirements for Detached Dwelling Units in Low Density Zones 115.45 Garbage and Recycling Receptacles and Enclosures – Storage Space, Placement and Screening 115.47 Loading and Service Areas Placement and Screening 115.50 Glare Regulation 115.55 Heat Regulation 115.59 Height Regulations – Calculating Average Building Elevation (ABE) 115.60 Height Regulations – Exceptions 115.65 Home Occupations 115.80 Legal Building Site 115.85 Lighting Regulations 115.87 Lot Size Flexibility 115.90 Calculating Lot Coverage 115.95 Noise Regulations 115.100 Odor 115.105 Outdoor Use, Activity and Storage 115.107 Public Utility, Electrical Transmission Lines 115.110 Radiation 115.115 Required Yards 115.120 Rooftop Appurtenances 115.125 Rounding of Fractions of Dwelling Units 115.135 Sight Distance at Intersections 115.136 Size Limitations for Structures Abutting or Within Low Density Zones and Abutting Low Density Uses in PLA 17 115.137 Solar Collectors in Residential Zones 115.138 Temporary Storage Containers 115.140 Temporary Trailers for Construction and Real Estate Sales Offices 115.142 Transit Shelters and Centers, Public 115.150 Vehicles, Boats and Trailers – Size in Residential Zones Limited 115.155 Marijuana Retail Business – Buffer Requirements from Licensed Child Care Centers This chapter contains a variety of regulations and standards that apply to the development and use of land.

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Garages, sheds and outbuildings are excluded from the square footage calculation for the primary residence and the ADU. The total size of all such structures may not exceed the gross floor area of 1,200 square feet plus 10 percent of the lot area that exceeds 7,200 square feet. If housed outside of the dwelling unit they will be regulated as small domestic animals. 4) Minimum Setback a) Structures shall not be located in required yards except as allowed by KZC 115.115 and except for the following: i) Mobile structures (chicken tractors) may be anywhere within a fenced yard.

When calculating the square footage of the ADU see KZC 5.10.340, definition of “gross floor area.” The gross floor area shall not include: a) Area with less than five (5) feet of ceiling height, as measured between the finished floor and the supporting members for the roof. There shall be one (1) off-street parking space provided for the accessory dwelling unit. Small Lot Single-Family and Historic Preservation Subdivisions. The portion of a single-family dwelling in which an accessory dwelling unit is proposed must comply with all standards for health and safety contained in all applicable codes, with the following exception for ceiling height. Application 1) The property owner shall apply for an accessory dwelling unit permit with the Planning and Building Department. An accessory structure which contains an accessory dwelling unit must also comply with KZC 115.07 which may further limit its size. General – Accessory uses, facilities and activities normally associated with a use listed as a permitted use in a zone are permitted as part of that permitted use. ii) Structures may be located within five (5) feet of any property line; provided, that the property adjacent to the proposed location of the structure is either: A) Occupied primarily by a nonresidential use such as a church, school or park; or B) A permanently dedicated easement or tract that is at least 10 feet in width.

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  1. PROPOSED SELF-CONSOLIDATING CONCRETE MIX DESIGN. During the production of the self-consolidating concrete. Self-Consolidating Concrete For Precast.

  2. Allows for rapid concrete placement with. parameter in slab design and post tensioned concrete. Guidelines for Self-Consolidating Concrete 6

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