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On autopsy, the executed men were found the be very well built on their shoulders and arms i.e, they were a boat crew, well used to rowing.

There is no evidence for mass immigration in the South of England by Saxons, genetics have debunked that Victorian myth, but, the countryside was heavily depopulated by environmental change during the 4th and 5th centuries and the Saxon warlord leaders took over, the population simply became "saxon".

Available from: Weymouth ridgeway skeletons 'Scandinavian Vikings' – BBC.

Available from: M R Reese M R Reese is a writer and researcher with a passion for unlocking the mysteries of ancient civilizations She believes that only by understanding where we come from can we truly understand our life path and purpose She has earned...

It is also speculated that the executions may have taken place in front of an audience, as some sort of display of power, authority, and triumph.

In a documentary by National Geographic, called Viking Apocalypse, Dr.

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Available from: 51 Headless Vikings in English Execution Pit Confirmed – National Geographic.

The situation in the North is slightly different as it was more heavily settled by Norse but even here much of the gene pool is and always has been British.

I suppose that this was the occupational hazard for the piracy and pillage policy the early Norse raiders engaged in.

In June 2009, archaeologists made a shocking discovery in the seaside town of Weymouth in Dorset, England.

While excavating in preparation for the anticipated Weymouth Relief Road, archaeologists discovered a mass grave containing the remains of 54 dismembered skeletons, and 51 skulls in a pile within a disused Roman quarry.


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