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Dwayne johnson dating amanda bynes

January is doing her best to keep Liam around.” Well then, Betty Draper, be sure not to dye your hair brown. Oh, cool, body-shaming a 61-year-old Oscar-winning actress whose husband passed away fairly recently for not having a flat stomach with six-pack abs.

Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers & Johnny Depp: “Armie Hammer may want to rethink the friends in his Social Network — because his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, has major issues with the bromance between him and , which updates the racist classic with white dude Johnny as Tonto (seriously). THAT IS NOT AT ALL REASONABLE I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE WORLD ANJELICA HUSTON IS PERFECT.

While walking through the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ryan had his arm around Ava, who looked very concerned. They have date nights in — they never go out, because they want to keep it a secret.” Hey, at least it’s a twist on the usual older man/younger woman tabloid narrative.

He kept assuring her that Mommy was going to be all right. “Although Miley [Cyrus], 20, is fully aware of Liam’s rendezvous with January, she is apparently refusing to break up with him; she’s praying it’s just a phase and that he’ll come to his senses.” She was spotted wearing her engagement ring again yesterday.

He’d think nothing of downing three or four martinis over lunch.” I mean, he’s an agent. Liam is interested in seeing where the relationship with January can go.

She gets very nasty and uptight — not sweet at all.” The couple was arrested in Atlanta, “Reese for disorderly conduct and Jim for DUI.

According to a state trooper’s report, Reese repeatedly disobeyed the officer’s requests to stay seated after her husband performed a field sobriety test because he was weaving in and out of traffic.” Yikes.

” “put breakup rumors to rest” “(and Sponge Bob)” “one doggie has a substance abuse problem and will dig into any purse containing cigarettes and eat them” “JEN TRIES CUPPING!

” “played jumprope with seaweed” “a relentless gym rat” “BUFF BROS” “shots of the chiseled mimbo.” Justin Bieber Art School: “Is Bieber secretly using Instagram to school his followers in the fine arts? Justin with floofy hair and the caption “I look like a peacock” is compared to “Andy Warhol’s 1986 selfie!


  1. Where does he live and what does Channing Tatum own. Jamie Foxx & Dwayne Johnson, and dated Amanda Bynes & Rachel McAdams. Wife, Girlfriend & Exes.

  2. Amanda Bynes Shares Rare Photo From Girls’ Night Out! Amanda Bynes just made her first social media post. Dwayne Johnson is opening up about his.

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