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Yet few appear to have survived until the last glacial maximum 24,000 to 19,000 years ...

— Novel technologies are being sought to replace the traditional pesticides used to protect plants, particularly edible plants such as cereals.

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Oil spills occur on a regular basis, leading to messy decontamination challenges.

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As the cooling continued, water vapor began to escape and condense in the earth's early atmosphere.

High quality films based on double perovskites, which show promising photovoltaic properties, ...

— In a detailed genetic kinship study, an international team is the first to reveal that just like human societies, beluga whales appear to value culture and their ancestral roots and family ties.

Clouds formed and storms raged, raining more and more water down on the primitive earth, cooling the surface further until it was flooded with water, forming the seas.

It is theorized that the true age of the earth is about methods to determine the age of rocks means scientists have to rely on when the rock was initially formed (as in - when its internal minerals first cooled).


  1. Earth sciences - Radiometric dating In 1905, shortly after the discovery of radioactivity, the American chemist Bertram Boltwood suggested that lead is one of the.

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