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Find out about online dating sites to help you find an enviro-mate. Well, the Internet might be just the place to meet your green dream.

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You should also be interested in alternative medicine, organic gardening and human rights.Copia started as a collection of pictures from the internet and a general idea of how things should turn out.The original plan called for completion in two months, but it took four to get it all done.Access is limited, being only available on a gravel road.Copia Cabins started with a vision of reusing wasted materials, and turned that into a luxurious oasis. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.And, now that environmentalism is hot, websites are popping up all over to help ecosexuals find true love.The granddaddy of the green dating scene is Concerned Singles.The fastest growing sector in the online green dating scene is for vegetarians, and there are several sites that will help you find someone looking to share their juicer.One of the newest and most successful in the garden patch is Veggie Love, the sister site to Green Singles.But I do believe that for this lifetime, and perhaps a few lifetimes, there may be mates who are right for us, for whatever lessons we are to experience on this plane.They exist, for the time that we are supposed to be together, and are often major catalysts in our growth for this particular incarnation..


  1. Spiritual Singles UK is designed for the Spiritually Conscious Single living in the UK. The best online dating site for spiritual singles. Eco-Friendly" network of.

  2. Spiritual Singles is the best dating site for spiritual, mindful singles; For open minded, spiritual singles. Experience an evolved, conscious dating site!

  3. Natural Awakenings Singles Dating. Natural Health online dating site for conscious singles to meet their spiritual partner.

  4. We are a serious dating service in a time of spiritual transition. We are committed to helping you attract a partner of a similar vibrational frequency.

  5. Spiritual dating sites for those seeking a mate with the same or similar spiritual. Christian Spirit Singles. VEGETARIAN AND GREEN LIVING/ECO DATING SITES.

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