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Eric smith dating scammer going to college with no dating experience

5) If there is real potential , get a background check.

Online dating and finding love and new friends via the internet is here to stay.

Fake web site: credit cards: Master Card #xxxxxxxx64760052, Exp.

Also claims shipping address: 33 East Terrace, Ceduna, Australia SA5690 or Skyview Agent, Inc., Skyview Inc., 33 East Tce, Ceduna, SA 5690, Australia UK Mobile: 44(0)7024036546USA Tel #: 12142105446Claims billing address: 3255 lawrenceville suwanee rd p211, suwanee, GA 30024Claims to be from India, but doesn't like curry.

Fox News ran a similar online dating scams report, highlighting the problem with romance scams on sites such as

Take your time and be skeptical of any request for money, such as emergencies, etc.Subscribers should proceed with caution, understand the risk, and get a background check when necessary. Claims shipper: Tanya Jones, 1201 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA. Uses AT&T Relay Chat to contact victims and remain anonymous.Fake doctor: Robert Davis, 615 Rudder Road, Saint Louis, MO 63026.and other match-making sites have no effective way to screen or verify all users, so be aware that there are criminals mixed in with the honest members, and these criminals are actively looking for victims.Their objective is to gain your trust, win your love, and then steal your money or your identity. Experts advise never to reveal your personal information online to anyone not known personally.This trend also has new risks, however, as investigators and law enforcement agencies such as the FBI report a significant rise in online dating scams, romance scams, identity theft, and other types of fraud from online dating.For relationships begun online, it's important to know that no site is immune from fraud.Because criminals are experts at gaining victims' trust, experts say a professional international private investigator is often required to minimize the risk.If a person lives or works in another country, it can be very difficult to know who you are dealing with, and investigators say it is better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Feb 4, 2011. Fox News ran a similar online dating scams report, highlighting the problem with romance scams on sites such as Fox News also. I have been communicating with a man I met on name Michael Smith who claims to own his own business in the energy sector. After chatting for a few.

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