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A great deal of what I know came from the people I just mentioned.However some of it I acquired as a result of having gone through so many different embouchures.[8] Each player should find the embouchure that best fits them and work from there.My books and videos go to great detail when explaining how a brass embouchure works.That not only helped the endurance but it also rounded out the aperture giving a more pleasing sound than is normally associated with those 2 embouchures.I had a friend (Mike Johnston) who started taking lessons from Don 'Jake' Jacoby.

Jake even let me sit in on some other lessons so I could see how he fixed different problems.

I attended Texas Tech and The University of Texas System and have 2 degrees in music. [5] [6] I've been doing Private Consultations on Embouchure Development since 1974 and designing Custom Mouthpieces since 1977. These have been in writing and in person so I could ask questions that were not obvious from reading the papers that they published.

I studied under two instrument designers, one of Mr. John Haynie (fluroscopic study of tongue arch and trumpet playing) and Robert Weast (extensive embouchure studies using rubber lips) both wrote sections for one of my books.

(I was a double major in college and the Physics side of me loved to experiment.) I spent 1 semester playing only the Maggio and the next playing both the Maggio and my old Stevens.

It was here that I added a pucker to MY version of the Stevens Embouchure.


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