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This burp video, which was recorded in October, now has more than 43,000 views. She's up to 180 pounds, a roughly 70-pound leap from her starting point.For around to , she offers videos with titles like "Custom Belly Inflation," "Cherry Cake Stuffing, Pt."Some research suggests that most interactions related to feederism take place online, via online communities and forum discussions," Kelly Suschinsky, a Queen's University psychology researcher, told ."Some sites offer the opportunity for visitors to send food to people who will eat the food on camera; this opportunity to engage in feederism behavior was likely limited before.

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He'd make fun of me, call me a fatass, and I loved it."Both gainers and their fans, sometimes called "encouragers," fit in the umbrella of , an adult Web model, runs a website called (BBW is short for "big beautiful women"). My current ideal weight in fantasy is about 500 pounds, but in reality, I wouldn't like to be more than 450 pounds."Online communities, such as the gainer forums on Reddit and websites like Starr's BBW Buffet, have made feeder-feedee relationships and contact easier.Even the body reshaping comes from a place of loving what you currently are so much that you want to be more of it."Some of these models, like Starr and her peers, have carved a niche and figured out how to turn something taboo into a steady job — and a way to take back control of their own body image."People have been using my fat all my life as a way to shame me or intimidate me," Starr said.The site is filled with photos and videos of SSBBW — super-sized big beautiful women — engaging in traditional sex, sure, but also gainer-specific fantasies like face-stuffing (gorging on food) and belly play. There's a wide variety of feederism content on the Web.Fetish websites like Stuffer boast thousands of links to photos and videos of gainers, and subreddits operate as channels to encourage stuffing and continuing to grow.1~" and "Belly Button Pump Action" — hours of Eve eating, drinking and bloating.Miss Eve, or Little Gainer Eve as she calls herself on her , someone who eats and gains weight for the sexual arousal of herself or others."Everything just boils down to it being a personal choice between each person.I personally enjoy gaining weight as both a fetish and hobby, which means I'd still be gaining weight with or without doing it publicly."To devoted gainers, the lifestyle is about self-love.I want to be like Cleopatra, but in a bed full of food, brought to me by my many admirers."Starr has made feederism her life.She now runs multiple websites, models and prepares panel discussions on feederism for fetish conventions., her lunch was two appetizers, coconut chicken and 40 pieces of sushi."I think, much like other fetishes, you make a conscious choice to assume the risks related to your kink," Starr said.


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