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The workaround is to subscribe to the Form View Item Updating event and look for string.empty New Values and set those to null instead.

Here we have a Text Box inside an Update Panel inside the Edit Item Template.

Since two way binding is not supported for the First Name Text Box, the special code for extracting values is not generated resulting in null being sent back for the First Name property. I just don't understand why using a nested control doesn't work properly.

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This Form View behavior can be problematic when we we need the original object and the modified object to perform an update with conflict detection (see LINQ to SQL example below). We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free. Is that because I haven't bound "m Logo" to any controls in the edit Item Template? I have a Form View control populated with some labels that use one way databinding to a database.You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others. NET 3.5 SP1This post describes two gotchas with the Form View control when binding:1) When performing two way databinding, Null values and Nullables get changed to string. 2) Two way binding is not supported for nested controls.Note that Conflict Detection is set to Compare All Values in the Object Data Source.In brief, LINQ to SQL compares the original value and new value and generates SQL code to update the original object.event when an Update button (a button with its Command Name property set to "Update") within the control is clicked, but after the Form View control updates the record.This allows you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as checking the results of an update operation, whenever this event occurs.


  1. FormView. ItemUpdating-Ereignis. Die FormView-Steuerelement löst die ItemUpdating-Ereignis. verwenden Sie die OldValues Eigenschaft.

  2. Formview, missing data on newvalues. missing data on newvalues, oldvalues. passed on to the Update event of the ItemUpdating field of my formview.

  3. FormView ItemUpdated NewValues array not getting values on update. Forums on Bytes.

  4. I'm running into a behavior which seems odd to me. I have a FormView control populated with some labels that use one way databinding to a database. What I.

  5. I have a FormView on a page in my 4.5 VB application. I have a FileUpload in EditItemTemplate and InsertItemTemplate of my FormView.

  6. How to modify input data in ItemUpdating. The DetailsView control's ItemUpdating event has. OldValues collection in event “ItemUpdating” of.

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