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He proposed a Conservative coalition with the UK Independence Party and made regular television appearances.

A Eurosceptic, he campaigned for the Leave side in the 2016 referendum on membership of the European Union and subsequently joined pro-Brexit pressure groups Leave Means Leave and the European Research Group, becoming chairman of the latter.

Jacob William Rees-Mogg (born ) is a British politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for North East Somerset since 2010.

A member of the hard right wing of the Conservative Party, he has been ideologically characterised as a High Tory and social conservative with reactionary, traditionalist, and right-wing populist views.

He subsequently invested in London-based conglomerate Lonrho, eventually owning 340 shares, and reportedly causing the company's chairman Lord Duncan-Sandys "discomfort" by quizzing him at an annual general meeting on the low dividends offered to shareholders.

In 1981 at GEC, where he now owned 175 shares, he told the chairman Lord Nelson that the dividend on offer was "pathetic", sparking amusement among board members and media.

When Mogg was ten, he was left £50 by a distant cousin and his father, on his behalf, invested in shares in the now defunct General Electric Company (GEC).With an upper class background set against a predominantly working class electorate Rees-Mogg was criticised as being too posh, a claim he refused to acknowledge as an issue.As an eccentric figure arguing for retaining sovereignty in Westminster, he visited a housing estate in Leven, where he struggled to understand the broad Fife accent while voters conversely found difficulty with his.News stories from the time ridiculed Rees-Mogg for canvassing the area with his family's nanny and touring the constituency in a Bentley, a claim which he later denied, insisting it had been a Mercedes.In 1999, when it was being rumoured that his "anachronistically posh" accent was working against his chances of being selected for a safe Conservative seat, Rees-Mogg was defended by letter writers to The Daily Telegraph, one of whom claimed that "an overt form of intimidation exists, directed against anyone who dares to eschew the current, Americanised, mode of behaviour, speech and dress".Rees-Mogg has amassed a significant fortune: in 2016, he and his wife had a combined net worth estimated at more than £100 million.Moving into politics, he unsuccessfully contested the 19 general elections before being elected as member of parliament for North East Somerset in 2010. Within the Conservative Party, he joined the traditionalist and socially conservative Cornerstone Group; his views on social issues appear to have been influenced by his adherence to a particular form of conservative Roman Catholicism.He attracted support through the social media campaign Moggmentum and has been promoted as a potential successor to Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May.Rees-Mogg is a controversial figure in British politics.He was one of the directors of the Catholic Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London who were ordered to resign by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor in February 2008 after protracted arguments over the adoption of a tighter ethical code banning non-Catholic practices such as abortions and gender reassignment surgery at the hospital.In The Guardian, Ian Jack had claimed that the selection of two such highly privileged candidates had damaged the Conservative Party's message of social inclusion, appearing to suggest that privileged candidates should be excluded.


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