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Ichsan Soelistio, a member of a special commission in the Indonesian House of Representatives working to update the country’s criminal code, said the body has reached consensus to include laws outlawing extramarital sex as well as gay sex, and is likely to do so soon but with some limitations.

[Rise of hard-line Islamist groups alarms moderate Indonesian Muslims] “More-conservative elements want full criminalization, which we reject,” Soelistio, a member of Indonesia’s largest political party, said in an interview this week.

Bogor in West Java Chinese foreign sex workers human trafficking immigration immigration office immigration raid Kazakh Law and Human Rights Ministry Moroccan North Jakarta Prostitution red light district Russian sex workers Uzbek Vietnamese West Java Yurod Saleh Nadya Joy Ador is a Philippines-based journalist and editor for Content Collision.

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“But we have agreed to accept a law which allows prosecution of sex outside marriage and homosexual sex, but only if one of the sexual partners or their family members report the crime to police.” President Joko Widodo, a fellow member of Soelistio’s Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, is considered more secular and liberal than most major Indonesian politicians, and he almost certainly will face a more conservative Muslim figure in his bid for reelection in April next year.

Now we have little reason to feel optimistic.” On a visit to Jakarta this week, U. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein came to a similar conclusion. The extremist views playing out in the political arena are deeply worrying, accompanied as they are by rising levels of incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence in various parts of the country.” LGBTI Indonesians already face increasing stigma, threats and intimidation.some of the 2011 Immigration Law provisions, including overstaying a visa and failure to present a passport when asked by investigators, as stipulated under Article 122 and Article 116, respectively.Saleh told reporters that the arrested women entered Indonesia on visas on arrival and tourist visas.See her portfolio at nadyajoyador.c2and build your own for free! Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama gathered today outside a Jakarta prison where officials ordered him to serve a two-year term following last month’s blasphemy conviction.Widodo ally Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, a Christian of Chinese descent put Widodo’s party on the defensive and convinced many politicians that a moral crusade could be a cheap and easy way to appeal to voters, analysts said.[Jakarta’s Christian governor sentence to prison in blasphemy case] “For several decades, the perceived importance of religious identity and piety among Indonesian Muslims has been growing,” said David Henley, professor of contemporary Indonesia studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands.Angry mobs took to the streets of Jakarta, once known for its tolerance.Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority country in the world but has largely been seen as a center of moderate Islam.In the interview in his parliamentary office, Soelistio, 63, repeatedly emphasized that his party would prefer to stay out of regulating citizens’ private lives.But he asserted that given political realities, the proposed new rules were the best way to protect LGBT and other at-risk communities.


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