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Gino paoletti dating

The Hollywood Life however has a different take on Bristol’s purchase as the site’s reporting Bristol’s move to Arizona is also so she can be closer to her new boyfriend and fellow Alaskan Giancinto “Gino” Paoletti.

Gino is described as a 20-year-old pipeline worker who splits his time between Alaska and Arizona.

Mrs Palin later criticised him for posing naked in Playgirl magazine, describing it as 'heartbreaking'.

Mrs Palin's attempts to meddle are said to have infuriated her daughter.

The new show is called ‘Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp”.

No word on whether Levi Johnston will be making any appearances on the new show.

The Political Wire first spotted the currently titled ‘Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir,’ earlier yesterday on Amazon’s website (Amazon has since deleted the page) with the release date of June 21. But I do have a friend that had a baby a few months after I had Tripp.

So we’ve become really close friends because of that. She’s become a really good friend.”And despite being rumored to have moved to Arizona to be closer to her new beau Gino Paoletti, Bristol revealed the two are taking things slow. An appearance she reportedly received 5,000 for.


  1. Bristol Palin Has A New Man & Wants Another Baby. she’s been dating 20-year-old Alaska pipeline worker Giancinto “Gino” Paoletti. while Gino was dating.

  2. LOS ANGELES LALATE - Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti and Bristol Palin are dating, claims a new report. Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti Bristol Palin dating reports.

  3. According to publisher William Morrow, Not Afraid of Life will provide an 'inside look at her

  4. Naturally, Bristol smelled a reality show pitch in there and is now dragging her boyfriend of a year, pipeline worker Gino Paoletti, along for the ride.

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