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Good opening line for dating site

Rolle also thought the writers had disregarded Florida's devout Christian beliefs by having her fall for and marry Carl, who was an atheist.

In the season six premiere episode "Florida's Homecoming: Part 1", Florida returns from Arizona without Carl to attend Thelma's upcoming wedding to professional football player Keith Anderson (Ben Powers, who joined the cast for the final season).

The characters originated on the sitcom Maude as Florida and Henry Evans, with Florida employed as Maude Findlay's housekeeper in Tuckahoe, New York, and Henry employed as a New York City firefighter.

When producers decided to feature the Florida character in her own show, they changed the characters' history to fit a new series that was well into development rather than start from scratch to create a consistent starring vehicle.

Thelma also announces that she is pregnant with the couple's first child.

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She also requested that producers write out the character of Carl Dixon; Rolle reportedly disliked the storyline surrounding the Carl Dixon character, as she believed Florida would not have moved on so quickly after James' death or leave her children.James Evans often works at least two jobs, mostly manual labor such as dishwasher, construction laborer, etc. Amos' departure was initially attributed to his desire to focus on a film career, but he admitted in a 1976 interview that Lear called him and told him that his contract option with the show was not being renewed.Often he is unemployed, but he is a proud man who will not accept charity. "), credited to director John Rich, became a popular catchphrase (later included in TV Land's The 100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catch Phrases special). Amos stated, "That's the same thing as being fired." By the end of season four, Esther Rolle had also become dissatisfied with the show's direction and decided to leave the series.In the series finale, "The End of the Rainbow", each character finally gets a "happy ending." J. gets his big break as an artist for a comic book company with his newly created character, Dyno Woman, which is based on Thelma (much to her surprise and delight), and is moving into an apartment with some lady friends.Michael attends college and moves into an on-campus dorm.Good Times was created by Eric Monte and actor Mike Evans.The series also features a character named "Michael Evans", after co-creator Mike Evans who portrayed Lionel Jefferson on the Norman Lear-produced series All in the Family and The Jeffersons.Willona becomes the head buyer of the boutique she works in and announces that she and Penny are also moving out of the projects.Willona then reveals that her new apartment is in the same apartment building that Keith, Thelma and Florida are moving to; once again, she and Penny become the Evans' downstairs neighbors.When he has to, he hustles money playing pool, although Florida disapproves of this. As a result of the character's popularity, the writers focused more on J. Through seasons two and three, Rolle and Amos grew increasingly disillusioned with the direction of the show and especially with J. In the final two episodes of the season, "Love Has a Spot On His Lung", Rolle's character gets engaged to Carl Dixon (Moses Gunn), a man she began dating toward the end of season four.Good Times was intended to be a good show for Esther Rolle and John Amos. was an immediate hit with audiences and became the breakout character of the series. J.'s antics and stereotypically buffoonish behavior. In the season five premiere episode, it is revealed that Florida and Carl married off screen and moved to Arizona for the sake of Carl's health.


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