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Establishing a domain for routing at each WAN connection prevents these problems by bringing the store-and-forward aspect of communication up to the application level where time-outs are not an issue.

Note: Novell Group Wise agent communication (MTA to MTA and POA to MTA) has been enhanced to reduce the negative effect of slow or unreliable WAN links on messaging traffic.

Synchronization traffic increases as the number of domains increases.

The exact number of domains in any Group Wise System needs to be determined on an individual basis by considering the following: Link all LAN domains via IP in a mesh configuration.

With any messaging system, there are general characteristics of the overall network environment, such as backup and restore times, that come into play when sizing the information store.

A primary consideration when sizing a Group Wise post office is the messaging habits of the user base (i.e. The correct sizing of Group Wise post offices also depends on several other factors, such as the overall Group Wise mailbox size, message database size, and size and number of attachments in the information store.

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However, Novell Technical Services recommends as few as possible to limit the amount of admin traffic on the network.

TODO: Provide a worksheet or at least an example showing how much each of these factors affect the requirements.

The amount of memory required for the MTA is influenced by many factors, including the following: TODO: Provide a worksheet or at least an example showing how much each of these factors affect the requirements.

Depending on the state of the existing Novell Group Wise system, some of the practices outlined in this document may be difficult or cost-ineffective to implement.

Use these guidelines wherever possible in expanding systems or creating new systems, but temper their application with your experience and knowledge of your organization's unique computing environment. You may also refer to the many Novell partners for more information, tools, and services.


  1. By default, the POA indexes 500 items in a user or library database, then moves on to the next database during each QuickFinder indexing cycle. The indexing cycle is established on the QuickFinder tab of the POA object. By default, QuickFinder indexing is performed once a day at p.m. If a database has more than 500.

  2. Aug 10, 2017. I have Quickfinder Indexing scheduled to run at AM Daily. I also have a weekly scheduled event for Content. The daily POA logs show the Quickfinder Indexing takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. I noticed in the logs the following message for 19 different users. 3B1C Updating QuickFinder.

  3. Aug 6, 2013. Select the Configuration tab QuickFinder Indexing; Select Action Options Update and Compress Indexes; Change the Indexing Level for Normal to Unlimited; Provide the FID for both beginning and ending for the GroupWise User Note Properties of the user GroupWise Account shows the File ID - a.

  4. Lib0001-FF · dmxxnn01· index · archive · docs · fd00-FF. Library directories; Document databases; QuickFinder index for library; Archive directory for library; Large document directory for library; Subdirectories for documents. ofmsg · · · guardbak. Message database directory; As many as 255.

  5. Nov 9, 2000. If a QuickFinder indexing job is not done on a routine basis this causes server utilization problems. When a user issues a "Find" feature within the GroupWise client and a QuickFinder index does not exist this forces the POA to do a "scan search" which is kind of like kicking off a QuickFinder indexing job on.

  6. Sep 4, 2003. Audience GroupWise 5.x, and 6.x Administrators Purpose Enabling QuickFinder Indexing and Speeding up QuickFinder Indexing. I have had occasion to go to a customer site to resolve performance issues on a GroupWise post office. We uncovered the fact that QuickFinder Indexing was not running.

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