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From drunken abusive yelling, following me several blocks and asking me for drugs and to people with missing fingers and teeth tapping my driver’s window surrounding the car.I generally don’t give money to panhandlers anymore after some have rejected food from me when standing in front of a burger joint.

I’ve had my fair share throughout the US, Canada, India and Europe.I let her stay in my spare room with a spare bed, on the following conditions: No guests and can’t be here when I’m not home. She started saving up money to find a cheap efficiency or studio to rent with her significant other.Things seemed to be going well, she could still get to/from work, look presentable, eat and sleep in a warm place. I could tell she started going into a downward spiral of depression, like anybody else would in a situation like this.Take a short moment and really think about if you were to lose the shelter you’ve always had, became homeless and the emotions that would be going through your head.Being homeless in the streets, means dealing with the fact that nobody can or is willing to help you have a warm shelter to sleep in and playing with the idea in your head that everyone around you is against you, every night, and every single waking minute.I only give money to people selling Real Change and homeless shelters.To keep her anonymity, I’ll refer to her as Emerald.I met Emerald near a local coop coffee shop, after some friendly conversation I found that she was homeless and needed a place to stay for the night.She had been sleeping at her friend’s storage shelter’s cold concrete floor since she couldn’t sleep in her beat-up car comfortably in the winter. You are probably yelling at me in your head, “what the hell were you thinking?She didn’t want to stay there, let alone leave her stuff here. You’re thinking, she is dating someone, why doesn’t she stay with them?Her partner was also homeless temporarily staying at a friend’s cramped space and they didn’t really have room. She couldn’t, like most low-wage workers in America, she didn’t exactly have that much savings for a rainy day.


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