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I record sexchat with my friend

Some of us made a conscious decision to enter this line of work and some of us just 'fell into it'.

is run by women with a wealth of experience to share with others.

If you have a question you don't find answered here, feel free to visit out our forum to register there and ask us.

SAAFE was started in a ladies forum in October 2003 by myself (Brandy) and Sarah-Jane.

Sarah Jane, being the most techy-minded out of the two of us set up the website and between the two of us asked other escorts for their contributions to our new site.

This way, we thought it could be a collaboration of sorts: escorts sharing what they thought to be the best advice, sharing their experiences of being an internet-based escort and the advantages and disadvantages of such.

She also happens to be a working girl so she's multifaceted.

When the next best thing in internet technology came along, RSS Feeds, which we could attribute to our warnings part of the forum, she was the person in the know and pulled us into the 21st century and set it up.


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