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Is rihanna dating the guy in her new video

When she’s headed to a sweat-dripping, low-lit nightclub, Ri Ri keeps her hair off of her neck with a sleek, chin-length bob.

Her eyes get a douse of light-catching glitter, while her lips receive extra definition by way of what appears to be matte, dark green lipstick.

inspiration for the song came from Prince and Al Green.

Ball recalled, "We wanted it to have that juxtaposition of an old school soul feel with modern lyrics.

meant it." In its sixth week on the chart, the song rose to number 34, becoming Rihanna's third top-forty hit from Anti, as well as her 46th top-forty entry on the Hot 100, placing her at number three on the list of women with most top-forty hits.

In its eighteenth week, "Love on the Brain" climbed from number 13 to number eight and became her thirtieth top-ten single.

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That one song, ‘Love on the Brain’, it really hit me because I saw her perform it and she just…

She even does a few seconds of what sounds like Frankie Valli's falsetto." Some critics believed the song was an "ode to a violent lover", possibly referring to Chris Brown after the pair's highly published domestic violence case.

Lyrical examples include "It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good / That I can't get enough / Must be love on the brain." Stephen Thomas Erlewine of All Music picked it as a highlight from the album, noting that Rihanna's "voice is hoarse and ravaged, yet she's also controlled and precise, knowing how to hone these imperfections so her performance echoes classic soul while feeling fresh".

Lyrically, the song has themes of swinging back and forth between the highs and lows of a toxic love.

Commercially, the song reached the top of the Polish chart, as well as the top-twenty in France and New Zealand, and top-forty in Austria, Canada and Germany.


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