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As exciting as those missions are, my line of work also involves quite a few unpleasant tasks.For every action-packed day handling animals, there’s a day spent dissecting animal poop, entering data into a never-ending spreadsheet, or counting insects in a box of jars.t’s just below zero as our caravan of snowmobiles jets over a trail through Minnesota’s North Woods, snow-laden firs and pines flying by.We turn a corner and see plastic orange ribbons waving in the breeze just ahead, marking the well-trodden path we’ve once again come to scurry over.

I shuck my helmet, grab a hatchet from the back of my snowmobile, and dash into the woods.Six months after I trap my last deer, I start work on a carnivore-monitoring project in northeastern Minnesota in which we use a network of remote motion-triggered cameras scattered throughout the region to document where various species of carnivores live and estimate how many are there.It’s a fascinating, rewarding project, but there’s a catch: a camera randomly placed in the woods takes few pictures, so we use bait to lure animals into the camera’s path.Aside from capturing deer, I’ve also trapped chipmunks and flying squirrels, radio-tracked bats to find their roosts in tree cavities and turtles to monitor habitat use.I’ve helped locate wolverines via remote camera and hiked deep into the Minnesota backcountry to find dead wolves and determine if they had been poached.Fortunately, northern Minnesota’s roadsides are littered with free, effective bait in the form of roadkill.But that has to be collected, and that job falls to me.This is how I find myself spending a summer afternoon beside a busy stoplight in front of a strip mall.Just as I’m packing up to leave work, I get a call from one of the research group’s graduate students, who has spotted a deer carcass on his way home.Twenty yards into our sprint, my partner falls victim to an icy patch, tumbling face first. I pass through a wall of brush and look ahead to the end of the path where a panicked deer is hurling itself against the webbed, cotton walls of a small cage. ” I yell back to my partner, who has recovered from her fall and isn’t far behind.Hatchets still in hand, we sprint even faster, two among thousands of wildlife biologists fighting an endless battle against ecological ruin.


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