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This young lady is not only black but she is a believer of a different faith.Everything in my heart says that she is the one but my parents seem to be thinking otherwise.

Is it true that General Authorities receive money for "stipends" or living expenses?I am confused at what exactly the word "eternal" means.To my knowlege it means having no beginning and having no end, am I right?How can an unemployed person find a job with the help of Jesus Christ?How can one associate Jesus' ethics and morals to finding a job?how are you treated if you break the rules of the church, are rejected or forgiven? How do the church members act towards the outcast of the Mormon way of life? I am a white Mormon but there is a black girl that I believe I am in love with.I have read all there is to know about interracial marriages but I cannot help but feel as though I am letting down my family who are very traditional .I've heard that Mormons help each other in finding employment and so Im hoping you can tell me how you do that using the word of God.See The Role of Work What is the most accepted reason for why Blacks did not receive the Priesthood until 1978.I reading your website, it sounds like you believe basically as Christians do, but I was told by a Mormon friend of mine that you don't believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior; you believe that he was a great prophet.Is this true and do you believe that the savior is still yet to come (as the Jews believe)?


  1. Because not only does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints forbid erotic experimentation “necking, necking and petting, heavy petting. dating sprees.

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